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Woman Shares Grandad's List Of Hilarious 'Boyfriend Rules'

Woman Shares Grandad's List Of Hilarious 'Boyfriend Rules'

William stopped after 10 rules, but hinted there could be more, signing off the message with: “Ok that’s it so far.”

Many of us have come across a protective parent in our time, whether it's our boyfriend's or girlfriend's or our own dear mum or dad, ready to lay down the law.

But what about a protective grandad?

21-year-old Amie McHugh shared a screenshot of a message from her grandfather, William, which laid out some ground rules for any of her potential love interests.

The student, who hails from Airdrie in Lanarkshire, Scotland, took to Twitter to say she was 'howlin' at her Grandad's rules - which, like many messages from senior citizens, was written ENTIRELY IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

The rules ranged from adorable (he must 'never look at another girl' while he's with Amie; he must be 'very kind') to hilarious (he must be Roman Catholic; he must 'offer to pay' if he's ever in William's company).

Rule 1: "He must be RC [Roman Catholic]."

Rule 2: "He must be Celtic supporter."

Rule 3: "He must be working."

Rule 4: "I must like him."

Rule 5: "He must like me."

Amie and William.
Amie McHugh/Instagram

Rule 6: "He must be financially well off."

Rule 7: "He must never look at another girl while in this relationship."

Rule 8: "He must be very kind."

Rule 9: "He must have a car."

Rule 10: "Whenever in my company he must offer to pay bill."

Luckily, William stopped at 10, but hinted there could be more, signing off the message with: "Ok that's it so far."

Speaking to LADbible, Amie explained her grandfather has always been there for her and that they see each other regularly.

Amie said her granddad's rules had her 'howling'.
Amie McHugh/Instagram

"I was brought up with my granda always being there for me, and he only lives a two-minute walk away so I see him nearly every day," she said.

Amie also insisted his list of stipulations were more of a joke, so she won't be taking any of them too seriously.

Thankfully, Amie's own list of requirements for a potential partner is a little more realistic.

"I just look for someone to have fun with who's a good laugh, the small details don't matter much to me," she said.

Still, it's good to see she's got William to look out for her - by the sounds of it, anyone who doesn't like him (rule five, remember?) isn't worth Amie's time anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Amie McHugh/Instagram

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