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Woman Who Quit University For OnlyFans Now Earns £30,000 Per Month

Woman Who Quit University For OnlyFans Now Earns £30,000 Per Month

She left her course and hasn't looked back...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A woman from Lancashire earns more than £30,000 ($39,000) each month and bought a house outright, all from selling pictures of herself through OnlyFans.

Aged just 23, Kaya Corbridge has also been able to fund a global jet-setting lifestyle and help her supportive family out along the way.

This has all happened since she quit her degree course at Leeds Beckett University to focus on creating content that she then sells online.

That content ranges from nude photographs, to photographs of just her feet, to some more - let's say - leftfield requests.

PA Real Life

In fact, one person asked her to put a slice of bread in her shoe, walk about on it for a day, then send him the crumbs.

Kaya explained: "I set-up my OnlyFans account on a bit of whim. I just thought I'd give it a go - I never thought it would change my life in the way it has.

"In my first year I made £255,000 and now I earn about £30,000 every month - I'm in the top one percent of OnlyFans earners in the world."

PA Real Life

Before she set the account up, Kaya had worked 'cash-in-hand' as a waitress, and in McDonald's and Lidl.

Now, she has enough cash not to worry about money.

She explained: "Last year I bought my first house and paid for it outright.

"It cost £125,000 and it's lovely. It's got two bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a balcony and a garden and it's made me want to buy a second property soon.

PA Real Life

"I love exploring and seeing new places and I love being my own boss, as I can still work from wherever I am in the world.

"Since I started OnlyFans I've visited 20 countries, I've taken my mum to Paris, Poland and Barcelona, and I spent a few months in Australia.

Looking back on how her life was before, she admits it is strange how much things have changed.

She continued: "For those couple of weeks when I was at university I was as poor as hell and could barely afford to eat.

"I was always worried about money, my parents didn't have a lot, but they scraped together all they could to give me an extra £30 a week.

PA Real Life

"I remember being in tears because my laptop basically blew up and I couldn't afford to fix it."

Then, everything changed.

"Within the first month I'd made £8,500,

"I knew I was on to something good, so I decided to quit my university course and concentrate on OnlyFans."

PA Real Life

Her family are supportive of her, too.

Kaya added: "My family and friends are happy for me and so supportive of what I do.

"I've been honest with them the whole time. As soon as I posted my first photo, I told them what I was doing.

She concluded: "My only regret is that I didn't start doing this sooner."

Featured Image Credit: PA Real Life

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