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Guy Tweets Live Updates As Stepson Tries To Sneak Girl Out Of House

Guy Tweets Live Updates As Stepson Tries To Sneak Girl Out Of House

The teenager had no idea that thousands of people around the world were following his efforts

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Twitter threads are often depressing, tedious and confrontational places. They are the octagons of keyboard warriors.

It's a blessed relief, then, to read a thread composed purely of suspense and mischief.

It all started out when Twitter user, @DropsNoPanties, lived up to his banterous handle by revealing to the world that his stepson had brought a girl home, raising the question of how exactly he planned to smuggle her out.

Soon enough, @DropsNoPanties had an international audience demanding live updates, which is exactly what he provided:

At this point, @DropsNoPanties decided to respond to those who felt he should be helping the kid, claiming he's a 'grown ass man', before continuing with the commentary:

At this point, as the audience continued to grow, @DropsNoPanties decided to assess whether or not thread-followers were hoping the youngster would evade capture. A whopping 292,000 votes were cast, with the majority voting for 'young love'.

But then, sheer drama - the kind not seen at a Ben Affleck Miramax movie.

We have to agree with him here - that truly was amazing.

Here's hoping the young fella's mum doesn't have Twitter.

Now some reading this may feel this is all a little harsh from @DropsNoPanties, drawing the eyes of the world towards his stepson's night of fun. But as he says, the guy is 18.

It's not quite as cruel as pranking a child into thinking they've had their ear chopped off.

To be fair to the barber in the video above, this wasn't an unprovoked prank. Indeed, the kid did 'start it'.

... Though you could say his was revenge was a touch overboard.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@DropsNoPanties

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