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Russian Girl With Frozen Lashes Shares Even Freakier Summer Selfie

Russian Girl With Frozen Lashes Shares Even Freakier Summer Selfie

Judging by Anastasia Gruzdeva's recent Instagram post, it looks like her summers are just as extreme as the winters



If you thought this sudden UK heat wave was extreme (it's so hot you can actually wear a t-shirt and shorts right now), just wait until you get a load of Russian resident Anastasia Gruzdeva's latest Instagram post.

Before we dive in, let us remind you that Anastasia is the woman who caused a social media storm in the winter months of this year after posting a picture of her frosty eyelashes on Instagram.

Anastasia Gruzdeva/Instagram

The post went viral as people were mesmerised by the selfie, showing how her lashes turned into frosty extensions in -40 degree weather.

25-year-old Anastasia lives in Yakutsk, in the Russia district of Ust-Maysky - one of the coldest inhabited places on earth, where temperatures can drop to -60 degrees. And to think the entire UK shuts down if so much as an autumnal leaf touches down on the railroad tracks.

Judging by her most recent picture, it looks like summers are just as extreme as the winters. Six months after her frosty pic, Anastasia has shared a selfie update to show what life is like in the region during the summer months, where temperatures can reach heights of 30 degrees. And let's just say, it does not look fun:

Anastasia Gruzdeva/Instagram

Yes, those are mosquitos. Speaking with The Siberian Times, Anastasia said: "The picture was made in seconds. After taking it, I just jumped on the bicycle and rushed away. In fact, you do not feel them so much on your face. More sensitive are the legs, arms and back.

"So for a few seconds, I can endure this. Mind you, I have a sudden thought: can they bite me to death?"

Probably best to be asking those questions before taking the picture. Nevertheless, Anastasia seems fine (no doubt she was rinsing the tiger balm after her brief sojourn) and is once again enjoying her internet fame.

She added: "My family make jokes about it time to time, saying something like 'you're a star now'. Of course I didn't expect anything like that to happen."

Upon the release of Anastasia's first frosty image back in January, we suggested that if you wanted to visit Yakutsk, maybe save the vacay for the summer months when the temperatures rise.

However, after seeing that image we're not so sure. Depends what you'd rather - having your eyelashes turn into literal icicles or being eaten alive by mozzies. Take your pick.

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