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Video Of Boys Teaching Grandad How To Make Alexa Fart Goes Viral

Video Of Boys Teaching Grandad How To Make Alexa Fart Goes Viral

There are all sorts of things that Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, can help you do.

She can tell you the temperature in Porto, she can tell you the score in the cricket and she can put on 'Murder on the Dancefloor' by Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

But it seems, if you want her to cheer up your grandad, you're best off getting her to fart.


A video of one particular grandad experiencing the joys of Alexa's flatulence has gone viral after it was shared on Twitter by his son.

Nick Harvey, from Crowborough, East Sussex, UK, posted the video with the caption: "My sons and I went round to dad's tonight. Dad was looking a bit glum, so my youngest decided to ask Alexa to fart."

The video has now been watched almost half a million times, accruing almost 15,000 likes.

In the video, the grandad can be seen laughing heartily as Alexa farts incessantly and his grandchildren chuckle along.


One of the boys then asks Alexa to do a '10-second fart countdown', which is apparently a thing. The three of them wait on in suspense, before Alexa breaks the silence with a guff and the grandad bursts into hysterics once again.

Making Alexa fart is clearly very funny. Credit: Storyful
Making Alexa fart is clearly very funny. Credit: Storyful

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The grandad mutters "Oh dear oh dear" when he catches his breath and asks "How do I stop it doing that?" - clearly realising that he will probably stop finding it quite so hilarious at some point down the line.

Alexa then does a short fart and adds: "That was a small one, try asking for a quick and squelchy fart."


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The boys duly oblige and Alexa replies: "Here comes a quick and squelchy fart... *QUICK SQUELCHY FART*"

That, of course, has grandad cackling once again - any prior glumness well and truly eradicated.

As if all of this wasn't joyous enough, Mr Harvey went on to explain on Twitter that he had since received a message from a certain 'Hugo', who apparently created Alexa's flatulence. Mr Harvey said Hugo told him there had been a 'huge' increase in people asking their Alexas to fart since he tweeted the video.

Modern technology meets the oldest joke in the book. Credit: Storyful
Modern technology meets the oldest joke in the book. Credit: Storyful

Mr Harvey added: "I have never been more proud."

So let this tale remind you that farts most definitely ARE funny. This grandad has undoubtedly seen plenty of funny things during his time on this earth, and he still laughs with sheer joy at a virtual assistant farting on command. May you do the same.

However, let us also spare a thought for all the Alexas up and down the land, who have gone from playing tunes and providing weather updates to farting on command.... That's no way to live.

Featured Image Credit: Storyful

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