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Butcher Faces Off Against Vegan Activist Holding Pig's Head In Shopping Centre

Butcher Faces Off Against Vegan Activist Holding Pig's Head In Shopping Centre

It was all caught on film

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A heated confrontation between a butcher and a vegan activist in a shopping centre has been shared on social media, watch it below:

Animal rights campaigner Tash Peterson stood shouting in front of the butcher's stall in Perth, Australia, while wearing bloodied white clothes and holding a pig's head.

The bizarre exchange took place right in front of the shop, with Peterson shouting about how animals are suffocated to death, right before the butcher jumps over the counter and begins to tell her to 'get out'.

The butcher can be heard shouting and swearing at the woman, calling her a 'f***ing idiot' and sticking her fingers up at the camera as she's being filmed.

Peterson posted it on her Facebook page, writing: "Why is she so triggered when I speak the truth about what happens in the very industry that she profits from?"

But as the altercation becomes more and more heated, Peterson continues her speech, shouting that pigs are more intelligent than pets we keep, shouting that they are 'the third most intelligent species on this planet'.

As she holds the pigs head up she shouts to shoppers: "Could you shoot him in the head yourself? Could you slit his throat yourself?"

She gets a mixed reaction from people passing by, with some laughing and filming the whole incident.

Peterson shouts: "If you use animal products you are an animal abuser."

Getting more and more angry, the butcher attempts to take the pig's head from Peterson.

Facebook/Tash Peterson

The butcher shouts: "Don't you have a life?

"Can I come to your work and do this to you?"

Peterson doesn't give up, continuing her tirade as the butcher grabs the pig's nose and leads her out of the door. A security officer then arrives to make sure she leaves the centre.

The reaction online was a mixed bag too.

One social media user said: "What a professional employee she is, swearing at the top of her voice, sticking her middle fingers up, she needs to relax, all that cholesterol from eating animals is going to give her a heart attack."

Another wrote: "You are so brave Tash, thank you on behalf of the animals. It's called freedom of speech. This butcher is disgusting for abusing and assaulting you."

While another said: "Who cares people like you are the reason why being vegan has a bad rep."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Tash Peterson

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