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Charles Bronson's 'Son' Says He's Banned From Sainsbury's After Rude Prank

Charles Bronson's 'Son' Says He's Banned From Sainsbury's After Rude Prank

It's not big, and it's not clever. Admit it, you laughed though

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A man who claims to be the 'long lost son' of Charles Bronson has now said that he has been banned from a Sainsbury's supermarket after performing a rude prank on a member of staff.

George Bamby-Salvador - a 46-year-old man, let's not forget - asked a female member of staff to read out a registration plate over the shop's loud speaker system, claiming a car with that registration was blocking in his mate.

That registration plate was 'NE14 ABJ'. Hilarious stuff, I'm sure we can all agree.

Well, it is a bit childish, and the woman was probably mortified, so maybe it's not a completely victimless crime.

Anyway, Bamby-Salvador - who added Salvador to his name when he discovered that he might be related to Bronson, who changed his name to Charles Salvador some years back - seemed to enjoy his prank, creasing up with laughter almost the whole way through.

George Bamby-Salvador.
ITV/This Morning

He now claims that the Sainsbury's store in Torquay, Devon, have told him not to darken their doorstep again as a result.

He explained: "I'm a bit of a nightmare for winding people up.

"What happened is that it was my son's 18th birthday the next day and my wife asked me to go into Sainsbury's and pick up a birthday card for him.

"So I went in and I'd seen this car registration online and I thought it was quite funny - NE14 ABJ. So I thought I could have a laugh with it.

"I wrote the number down, went up to the counter, gave her the reg number and she read it out, and as it happened I absolutely pissed myself.

"Then the security came over and they were all laughing. But they asked me to leave the store.

"I was literally on the floor laughing. They had to pick me up - and they were pissing themselves as well - and that was it.

"I went home and I said to the missus, 'you'll never guess what I've just done, have a look at this video'.

"I showed her the video. She said 'that's all very good, did you get the birthday card?'.

"And I went, 'oh shit, I've forgotten'. So I had to go back and go back to Morrisons because I couldn't go in Sainsbury's because they actually banned me."

Bronson enjoying some rare time outside of prison in 1992.

He continued: "I've told my dad about the video. He absolutely pissed himself. I wrote it to him in a letter and he said when he read what the woman read out he nearly spat his porridge all over himself.

"If I went back they'd ask me to leave now. Sainsbury's phoned me up and offered me £100 shopping vouchers if I took the video offline.

"I told them I wasn't that desperate for £100 and I'd keep it up.

"It wasn't a personal attack on the member of staff or anything against her, she was just involved in the prank."

Bamby-Salvador was spotted by Bronson after his appearance on Channel 4's Confessions of the Paparazzi and the pair then met at Wakefield Prison.

Following a DNA test, George was allegedly confirmed as his biological son.

He confessed to being slightly anxious about the whole thing at first. He said: "I was frightened at first. I was saying to the guards, 'You're not going to leave me on my own with him?'

"As I moved through security, I heard someone singing, 'Please release me, let me go.'

"I opened this door, I walked in, Charlie is stood on his hands upside down doing 100 press ups in mid-air, singing this song, without even releasing any breath or anything.

"He jumps up, does a backflip, walks up to the bars in his cage and says, 'Georgie boy!'.

"He put his arm through the bars and I was like 'do I touch him, what happens?'."

Despite that, he said that they got on famously and he now thinks he should be released. Well, he obviously shares his dad's famous sense of humour, at least.

Sainsbury's has been approached for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Barcroft

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