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Doctor Saves Man's Life By Sucking 800ml Of Urine From His Bladder

Doctor Saves Man's Life By Sucking 800ml Of Urine From His Bladder

If he hadn't the man could be dead...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A brave doctor went massively above and beyond the call of duty to save an elderly aeroplane passenger's life after he took ill, sucking 800 millilitres of urine from the man's bladder in order to stop it bursting.

That's real dedication to upholding the Hippocratic oath, make no mistake.

Let's set the scene.

It was on a China Southern Airways long-haul flight between Guangzhou and New York. They were still six hours from their eventual destination when the man took ill.


He was breaking out into cold sweats and complained about not being able to urinate.

So, the cabin crew put out an announcement asking for the assistance of anyone with medical experience. That's when our hero put his hand up.

Dr Zhang Hong, who works as the head of vascular surgery at Jinan University's First Affiliated Hospital, agreed to take a look.

He explained: "The pensioner's abdomen was bloated, he could not sit still and was sweating a lot.

"He was going into shock and may have suffered a risk to his life if we didn't tend to him urgently.

"His family said he had a history of prostate enlargement, so we suspected this was causing urinary retention."

Basically, if this guy didn't get the urine out of his bloated bladder, it was going to explode.

With that in mind, Dr Zhang cobbled together a makeshift catheter from a piece of plastic tubing, a syringe from the plane's medical kit, a milk carton straw and some sticky tape.


He then tried initially to use the syringe to extract the urine, but discovered that the needle was too thin. That's when he realised the enormity of what he had to do.

Using his mouth, and spitting the urine into a wine bottle, he extracted 800 millilitres of wee in about 37 minutes.

It sounds like a 'would you rather' question, but it quickly became a reality for the doctor and his patient. If he didn't intervene, there's a good chance the man would have died before reaching New York.


Afterwards, Dr Zhang said: "There was no other way. I didn't think too much about it.

"I only wanted to help him extract the urine retained in his bladder.

"Saving lives is a doctor's instinct."

Well, it's unorthodox, it's gross and it's more than anyone could have expected from him, but in the end, he saved a life and became a hero.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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