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Iranian Angelina Jolie 'Zombie Lookalike' Is 'Jailed For Ten Years'

Iranian Angelina Jolie 'Zombie Lookalike' Is 'Jailed For Ten Years'

According to her lawyer, Sahar Tabar was jailed for 'promoting public corruption'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

The Iranian woman who has been compared to a zombie version of Angelina Jolie has been jailed for a decade, according to her lawyer.

Sahar Tabar, whose real name is Fatemeh Khishvand, was arrested in Iran back in October of 2019.


According to reports, she was arrested alongside three other female social media influencers.

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist, told MailOnline that she has spoken to Tabar's lawyer, who confirmed she has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for 'promoting public corruption'.

Ms Alinejad posted on Twitter: "10 years jail for Iranian Instagrammer who used make up & Photoshop to become a zombie Angelina Jolie."

She then called on the IRL Angelina Jolie to help Tabar get released from prison, adding: "Sahar Tabar is only 19. Her joke landed her in jail. Her mother cries every day to get her innocent daughter freed. Dear Angelina Jolie. We need your voice here. Help us."


According to Tasnim news agency, the charges against Tabar included blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through inappropriate means and encouraging youths to corruption.

Her Instagram account had racked up hundreds of thousands of followers, but since the allegations have come to light, it has been deleted.

Tabar rose to fame a couple of years ago after bizarre photos of her supposedly resembling Jolie went viral, as people piled on to say she looked more like Tim Burton's Corpse Bride character. She was rumoured to have had around 50 plastic surgery procedures, although many of her pictures were heavily edited.

Later, Tabar posted unedited images of herself in real life, confirming that she never wanted to look like the A-lister and was just messing around for fun.


The Instagram sensation said she had used clever makeup and retouched her photos to create the extreme look, and never actually planned to look like Jolie.

She made headlines all over the world with her photos, which show her with a gaunt face, pale blue eyes, weirdly upturned nose and huge lips.

She was also reported to weigh only 88lbs as part of an attempt to replicate Jolie's petite frame.

However, she used a mixture of make-up and Photoshop to create the images. So, although she has had some plastic surgery in recent years, giving her fuller lips, it's nowhere near as extreme as the images that went viral.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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