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Man Packs Bags After Seeing Creepy Face While Alone In Flat

Man Packs Bags After Seeing Creepy Face While Alone In Flat

It's a nope from us

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A man says he has upped sticks and left his shared flat after spotting a terrifying apparition in his kitchen while he believed he was alone in the property.

Before he left the flat, he managed to grab a picture of the supposed spook dwelling within his home, and - well - once you see it, you can't unsee it.

Here's the original picture.

Can you see it yet?

Is there someone there? Is it an elaborate prank orchestrated by his housemates? We'll probably never know, because he's packed his bags and left the flat to stay with his family.

If it's a hoax, it's a pretty good one. Maybe his flatmates secretly hated him and decided to employ some underhand tactics in the hope of getting him out?

Or, just maybe, there's a creepy apparition peering out from behind the kitchen door, watching him like a hawk.

This ghoulish figure was spotted by Reddit user OppySpoopyMan, who shared his chilling experience after the fact.

He wrote: "After hearing taps and noises from my kitchen I take a photo and see this."

The terrified tenant also said that he'd heard the 'sound of feet shuffling around, or clothes rubbing against each other' before he spotted the face peeping around the kitchen door.

As you can see from the picture, it really looks like there is a face poking out around the door. That's impossible if - as he believes - he was on his own in the house.

He explained: "Two of my flat mates were at work and the other was out at a friends at the time."

Yikes. What on earth could it be then?

How about if we zoom in and up the brightness?

Well, he's not sticking around to find out.

Load of the folks who've seen the photo since have also been creeped out by it.

One person said: "Nope. Don't like that. Shudders."

That's pretty much the theme of the 1,300 or so comments that have been left under the post.

Another added: "Nooooo. This gave me the no no feelings. Kinda made my tummy turn. Burn that s*** down, I say."

Another wrote: "Did not believe you. Zoomed in. Flipped out. Then noped out,"

Yeah, that's creepy as hell.

After the post went viral, the original poster returned to update everyone on the situation.

He continued: "I didn't think this would get any attention, but thank you to the ones who have shown concern.

"As an update, since seeing this, I've been packing some stuff and preparing to go stay with my family. I've told my flatmates that I'm going, and why I am, but they've chosen to stay there."

It's a big move to make, but after seeing that face staring out of the darkness at you while you're alone in your house, can you blame him?

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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