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Man Who Married Sex Doll 'Cheats' On Her With Another Object While She's Being Repaired

Man Who Married Sex Doll 'Cheats' On Her With Another Object While She's Being Repaired

He posted a bizarre video of him and a mask



A bodybuilder who married a sex doll has put a video on Instagram showing him 'cheating' on her with a strange-looking ridged object, all while she's being repaired.

Yuri Tolochko, who is from Kazakhstan, married his silicone love Margo in November, but somehow, just days before Christmas she had to go to a sex doll doctor to be repaired.

Posting a disturbing video with his new beau, Yuri said: "Looks like I've got a new passion."

The video shows him lying in his undies, stroking what looks like a metal mask, while making some strange noises.


One of his 99,000 followers asked him: "Hey... Are you cheating on your wife?!"

He replied: "Maybe", adding: "I can't stand while she's in the hospital."

The pair were married in November, having been first due to tie the knot in March but the coronavirus pandemic set them back - as it did for so many, erm, human couples.

Finally, the wedding went ahead with dozens of guests in attendance.

Speaking to the Daily Star at the time, Yuri said: "She is broken. Now she is being repaired. She's in another city. When she recovers, it will be a gift for both of us." We bet...

Back in 2019, local media reported that Tolochko was in a relationship with Margo for eight months before popping the question.

After going public with his plastic partner, he said he paid for her to get plastic surgery as she developed a 'complex'.

Tolochko said he actually took Margo to a clinic (a legit clinic, meant to be used by humans) to get some work done. That must have been an odd day for the surgeons who work there.

At the time, he said: "When I presented her photo to the world, there was a lot of criticism and she began to develop a complex so we decided to have plastic surgery.

"She has changed a lot. At first it was hard to accept, but I got used to it later on. It was at a real clinic with real doctors."

First she had surgery, now she's at the repair shop... not having much luck is she, Margo?

Tolochko has previously claimed Margo had a waitressing job at a local bar.

He said: "She can't walk by herself; she needs help. Margo doesn't know how to cook, but she loves Georgian cuisine. Her favourite dish is 'khinkali'."

He added: "She swears, but there is a tender soul inside."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Yuri Tolochko