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New Photo Editing App Sparks Fears That It Will Increase Catfishing

New Photo Editing App Sparks Fears That It Will Increase Catfishing

Twitter users are worried that a new app that can edit photographs to make people look thinner could lead to more instances of 'catfishing'.

If you're not familiar with it, catfishing is where someone is lured into a relationship under false pretences - including using unrealistic or fictional personas.


The app in question is called Photolift and it has been designed by a Turkish company called Mimoza Bilgi Teknolojileri Limited Sirketi.

Basically, you take a picture of yourself and then you can use the controls to slim down your face and body to make yourself look differently.

Believe us, it can certainly make people look different.


The app developing company says that their app is an "excellent tool for editing your photos for your Instagram, Facebook profile or posts for many other social media platforms."

However, a load of people online think that it can be used to present a false persona and an untrue image of the person in the photo.

That's not really new though, is it?

Well, it sort of is. This app has a feature called a "reshaping tool" that can slim down your waist or enlarge breasts with amazing ease.

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Seriously, it's the sort of thing you'd have to be an expert at using Photoshop to be able to do otherwise.

One Twitter user shared a short video illustrating what the app is capable of and said: "This is terrifying my god"

Another responded: "Omg. This app is crazzzyyyy. Catfishing gone be too easy now."

Yeah, but that isn't the only part of it that seems a bit off.

As well as the people who think that it can be used for catfishing, a lot of people are concerned that it is also damaging to an already problematic standard set by online models and societal attitudes.

Replying to a tweet showing the capabilities of the app, actor Jameela Jamil said: "Not only does this hurt us and how we see ourselves. It also affects how men see us.

"They cannot help but become hypernormalized to these images and their brains naturally become accustomed to this aesthetic. Which in turn can *genuinely* impact their attraction to us. Just STOP."

Luckily, a lot of other people have been having a bit of fun with the app, contorting themselves into ridiculous poses and making fun of the fact that it distorts people's surroundings as well.

That's for sure the actual thing that we should be using this app for.

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