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Woman Calls Police On Influencer But It Completely Backfires

Woman Calls Police On Influencer But It Completely Backfires

Well, I don't think she saw this coming

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A TikTok influencer got the last laugh after an angry woman called the cops on him - only for the police officer to turn out to be a fan. Watch the incident unfold below:

TooTurntTony - or @tooturnttony as he's known on TikTok - was having a pretty normal one, taking part in a shoot with a duck and some bikini-and-balaclava-clad women, when an irate member of the public approached and said she was calling the police.

In the clip, the TikToker explains: "We were trying to do a photoshoot but this Karen wouldn't leave us alone."

The woman, whose identity is hidden in the clip, can be heard to say: "This is private property," as the models stand around a car near some water.

As they continue to film, the woman says with a hint of sarcasm: "That's right, film me, I love being on social media."

She then says: "Yes, yes, I want to go viral," which I'm sure she's since lived to regret.

The clip goes on to explain that she called the police, but when an officer arrived it turned out he was 'a fan'.

The officer, who appears to be from Livingston County, Michigan, can be heard to say: "My son is like totally into you guys."


The clip ends with TooTurntTony and the cop taking part in a little impromptu photoshoot.

Fellow TikTok users were delighted with how the whole thing panned out, with one person commenting: "Alright this is kinda hilarious and I'm here for it. Good dad right there doing it for his son."

Another joked: "The cop ain't got no son. He did that for himself."

While a third said: "My respect for you and the cop went up."

But not everyone saw the funny side and some questioned whether the group were in fact on private land without permission for the photoshoot.

One commented: "But it's game over if it is private property."

Another person said: "Laws are laws - if it was on private land, she was in the right and she was not, in fact, a Karen."


While another said: "If you're on private land, then you're in the wrong."

In a statement to LADbible, TooTurntTony said: "During a photoshoot with Lamborghinis from Dreamcars Daily, a random woman appeared and started yelling at us for being on private property.

"First off, it was not even her property. I think she came to that realisation because her story quickly changed and then was saying we were driving too fast, even though the cars were parked.

"The best part is, the neighbours and their kids all came out of their house to take pictures of us, the ducks and the cars. We ended up moving the car down the street to make the woman happy.

"Once the cop showed up, who was a fan of the TooTurntTony TikTok account, the woman disappeared because she clearly was the only one bothered by what was going on.

"There always has to be one person out there that tries to spoil the fun. She said several times, as shown in the video, that she wanted to go viral, and I guess that wish became reality as the video just crossed 25M views."

LADbible has approached Livingston County Sheriff's Office.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tooturnttony

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