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Tennis player celebrated Australian Open win by inviting Margot Robbie to watch next match

Tennis player celebrated Australian Open win by inviting Margot Robbie to watch next match

You've got to shoot your shot

When an opportunity comes your way, you've got to make the most of it.

And that's what Stefanos Tsitsipas did when he called out Margot Robbie following his recent Australian Open win:

The Greek tennis star made it through to the semi-finals of the Grand Slam tournament today (24 January), taking a straight sets victory over Jiri Lehecka.

Understandably, he was pleased with his performance and was excited to get through to the next round.

And while most post-match interviews invite pretty dull answers, 'I'm just taking it one game at a time', 'I'm not getting carried away', etc. Tsitsipas took a chance with one of the most beautiful actors on the planet.

Quite a 'ballsy' move, eh?

Speaking after his win, the controversial star said: "Australia is such a great country. I like a lot of Aussie things. One of my favourite actresses comes from Australia... Margot Robbie."

Stefanos Tsitsipas looked very pleased with himself.
Australian Open

The answer drew some titters from the crowd, who found it all so very amusing.

And the interviewer, previous Australian Open winner Jim Courier, then asked: "Are you pitching right now? What's happening? Are you making an offer? What are we seeing here?"

"It would be nice to see her here one day," Tsitsipas replied.

Now, it should probably be pointed out here that even if Robbie does take the 24-year-old up on his offer, it will be purely due to her love of tennis.

The Hollywood star has been married to Brit Tom Ackerley for the past seven years.

Sorry to p**s on your parade, lad.

The Greek star said Margot Robbie was one of his favourite actors.
Everett Collection Inc /Alamy

Away from the happenings on the court, fans have been fuming over events in the crowd at this year's tournament.

People were utterly outraged after a video began doing the rounds showing a woman innocently eating a hotdog while watching a match.

Sharing the vid, Josh Garlepp wrote: "A lot of people have their opinions on how to eat a hot dog, but this is the only way."

The clip showed a fan sitting the stands and picking at her hot dog, tearing off small chunks of meat and eating them, rather than the more conventional method of eating it long ways and shovelling it in your mouth as quickly as possible.

And what made this hate crime even worse for some was that there was not a drop of ketchup or mustard in sight. Nothing.

We are better than this, people.

Featured Image Credit: ESPN/Shutterstock

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