Baby Elephant Imitates Man Sliding In The Rain

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Baby Elephant Imitates Man Sliding In The Rain

Get ready to see the cutest thing you've seen all day as this baby elephant imitates his human pal's sliding skills:

Cute, eh?

The adorable clip from a couple of years back has recently resurfaced online so a whole new bunch of people can say 'ahhh'.


In the vid, a calf and an older elephant can be seen walking alongside the man, who begins sliding along on the wet grass. Seeing the fun he's having, the little elephant decides to give it a go and starts to copy the man.

This isn't the first time baby elephants have been caught being bloody lovable - just last week - a clip showing tourist being repeatedly cuddled by a young elephant went viral.

How jealous are you of that woman right now?


Little Suki is the youngest at the Chia Lai Orchid, a sanctuary in Thailand that looks after elephants and she appeared to get particularly pally with one tourist.

The sanctuary shared the clip with the caption: "The Chai Lai Orchid is a business that works to rescue elephants and fight human trafficking.

"This is the newest baby who was born here and her name is Suki. We are located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You can support or mission and visit Suki and her family and live with the elephants at our eco-lodge. No humans were harmed in the making of this video." Good to know.

Sadly, the work of sanctuaries such as this one are all too necessary as elephants continue to be hunted and killed by poachers as well as deal with the blow of habitat destruction.


Speaking to LADbible, Sir David Attenborough spoke out about the ivory trade and the worrying impact it is having on elephants, warning: "To never see a living elephant again is just too appalling."

Extinct: A race against time to save our endangered species. Read more from our campaign here.

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Rod Thongsri

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