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Shocked Homeowner Finds Python Having A Bath In The Toilet

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Shocked Homeowner Finds Python Having A Bath In The Toilet

Imagine popping into the bathroom to do your business and instead of seeing clear water in the bowl there is a goddamn snake just sitting there waiting for its next meal.

Well, that's what a family experienced in Australia (of course it happened Down Under) when one member went to the toilet.

Imagine this sitting there when you wanted to poo. Credit: Brisbane Snake Catchers/Facebook
Imagine this sitting there when you wanted to poo. Credit: Brisbane Snake Catchers/Facebook

Everyone is probably familiar with seeing a toilet bowl and getting a shock from the previous person's droppings, but at least human faeces can't jump out of the toilet and attack you.


The family called Brisbane Snake Catchers and thankfully they managed to get the carpet python out without a hitch.

Stuart Lalor from the snake catching group told the Courier Mail: "I've had jobs in the past where I've had hands in the toilet for half an hour.

"This guy half took himself out (of the water) for me which was unusual. I think he was curious to see what was going on."

While most people's first reaction would be to press the flush button to send the reptile as far away as possible, Mr Lalor said that was a bad idea as it can affect your plumbing and it's not healthy for the snake.

Ghastly sight that. Credit: Brisbane Snake Catchers/Facebook
Ghastly sight that. Credit: Brisbane Snake Catchers/Facebook

There's no information about how the carpet python got into the toilet but it might freak you out to know that snakes can travel up through the pipes.

So while you might have your entrances sealed shut to prevent this type of stuff, you could be beaten when the slithering beast comes through the back way. According to HowStuffWorks, snakes can hold their breath for a long time and squeeze through tight spaces.

Bet that'll make you sleep easy.



This situation happened to a man, also in Australia, this time in Townsville, when he went to the loo and found a python chilling and having a bath. Geoff Jacobs at Queensland Wildlife Solutions explained at the time that this one was likely just following food and found its way into the toilet.

He told reporters, according to news.com.au: "All over the world rats go down in sewers and the snakes go in there after them."



But in news that actually might comfort you, carpet pythons aren't dangerous to humans.

These types of snakes usually just rely on 'small mammals, bats, birds and lizards' according to World of Animal Welfare and they aren't venomous either. The website says they're usually more afraid of humans that we are of them.

Yeah tell that to the guy who nearly took a dump on one.

Featured Image Credit: Brisbane Snake Catchers/Facebook

Topics: Community, Animals, Australia

Stewart Perrie
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