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Woman Spent 'Thousands' On Dog's Fart Treatment Before Discovering Real Culprit

Woman Spent 'Thousands' On Dog's Fart Treatment Before Discovering Real Culprit

She has kicked up a major stink about her hubby's fart blame game

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A woman claims she spent thousands of dollars treating her dog's stinky farts, only to discover her husband was to blame for the disgusting guffs.

The problem started around a month ago, when the pet owner and her husband were having dinner.

In a post on Reddit, the woman recalled: "I smelled something really disgusting. My husband instantly made a face so I knew it wasn't just me.

"Tbh I am pregnant and my sense of smell has been a little sensitive in this time. I couldn't stand the smell and left the room. Later in bed, my husband told me the dog farted."

The husband let the dog take the blame for five weeks.
Pexels/Dominika Roseclay

Initially, she chalked up the 'unbelievable' fart as a one-off. But the sickening stench puffs persisted and she decided to take action.

She explained: "Over the next week, the smell would come again and again at random times. I lit candles, incense - NOTHING WORKED.

"This whole time I thought it was the dog and said ok, f*** it, I'm taking him to the vet. A fart this stinky isn't normal. Through all this my husband kept silent.

"My vet recommended a diet change for the dog. So I changed the diet but the stink continued. I was losing my god damn mind - and my husband still kept his mouth shut.

"The vet was EXTREMELY confused and ordered a bunch of tests that cost a LOT. All the tests showed that the dog was fine. I'm losing my mind here."

Dogs may be a man's best friend, but this man betrayed his.

The woman said it was only five weeks later when she had a 'full on meltdown' that her husband came clean about his dirty habit.

As you might expect, she wasn't best pleased.

She said: "Y'all, I lost it. I kicked him out of the house. He went to stay with his friends.

"All of our friends are on my side. To be clear, I didn't mind he lied in the moment. But he KNEW we were going to the vet, the vet was confused. He EVEN WENT TO THE VET APPOINTMENTS WITH ME.

"It takes him a full on panic attack and mental breakdown to say the truth?

"His mother, who normally thinks the sun shines out his a*s is on my side as well. She called him, in no uncertain terms, an idiot."

The livid wife has since demanded that her pumping partner cover the vet fees. He's also been to see the doctor, who has recommended a diet change.

Now, he resides in the dog house.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

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