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Man with six wives plans to have baby with each of them because he doesn't want to choose one

Man with six wives plans to have baby with each of them because he doesn't want to choose one

Arthur O Urso and Luana Kazaki opened up their relationship a couple of years ago and now want to take things to the next level

A man who has six wives says he wants to have a child with each of them so that no one is left out.

Arthur O Urso, from São Paulo, Brazil, is part of a polygamous relationship with half a dozen women.

As well as 27-year-old Luana Kazaki, he is also in a committed relationship with Emelly Souza, 21; Valquíria Santos, 24; Olinda Maria, 51; Damiana, 23; and Amanda Albuquerque, 28.

And this is actually a downsized group, as the 37-year-old was previously 'married' to a further four women.

However, sadly for Arthur, he 'divorced' them last year.

But in a bid to cement things with his remaining spouses, he plans on having kids with each of them.

Arthur O Urso has 'married' six women.
Jam Press

But first, Arthur, who already has a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, hopes to expand his family through surrogacy, which will set him back around £33,128.

Speaking to, Arthur said: "I don’t want to make any of my six wives upset by choosing which one gets pregnant first, so we’ve opted for surrogacy.

“I’ve never been through anything like this, so it’s the first time.

“We’re very anxious, but excited to make this dream of having a baby come true."

But while all six of the women involved are on board with the idea of starting a family together, Emelly, Amanda, Olinda, Damiana and Valquíria took some convincing.

They are now planning on having kids together.
Jam Press

Arthur said: “In the beginning, it was a very delicate subject, especially as I want a child with each of [them]. “But that will be later on – at the moment, the best decision is surrogacy.

“[Currently], we are looking for someone who can be our surrogate and we want someone who gives us confidence.

“As we are still in demand, we haven’t spent anything so far.”

Arthur and Luana are both swingers, and decided to get more people involved a couple of years ago.

And while the marriages aren't actually legally binding - it will not surprise you to learn - they did 'tie the knot(s)' in a Catholic church.

Arthur and Luana opened up their relationship back in 2021.
Jam Press

Speaking about their relationship, Olinda said: “She (Luana) is the first wife and she had to approve of me. It was a mix of feelings, but when we met, we already realised the connection that existed between us.

“It seems that I know her from other lives. I expect we’re all going to do everything intensely and do everything possible to take care of my love, Arthur.”

At this rate, Arthur will be giving Nick Cannon a run for his money.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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