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Dad Orders Dinosaur For Son Without Realising It Was 20ft Long And Was Delivered By Crane

Dad Orders Dinosaur For Son Without Realising It Was 20ft Long And Was Delivered By Crane

The error of his ways became abundantly clear when a crane rocked up with his order

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Online shopping is brilliant because it allows you to buy all the goods you could need without having to head out to a shopping centre.

The price you pay though is not actually being able to see what you're buying, meaning you can't really tell how soft those cords are, how much that candle smells, or how massive that dinosaur statue is.

The dinosaur was a lot bigger than it appeared online.
Facebook/Andre Bisson

Andre Bisson, from Guernsey, UK, is the latest man to buy a dinosaur statue online without realising just how massive it is.

He bought it for his four-year-old son Theo, after he asked for 'the biggest carnotaur you've ever seen' - or carnotaurus, if we're going to be pedantic about our dinosaur species.

As chance would have it, Andre's wife noticed an amusement park on neighbouring Jersey was getting rid of its dinosaur statues.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "I checked the website straight away, and to my absolute amazement they had a carnotaur. Listed for £1,000 ($1,289), I just had to get this for Theo."

Now, I don't know about you, but if my dad saw a carnotaur happened to be up for sale nearby - even given the bizarre coincidence of this happening just after I asked for a carnotaur - he definitely wouldn't go through with the gift when he saw the grand price tag.

Fortunately for Theo, his dad is not my dad, and he went ahead with the purchase.

He said: "The issue was as this was being sold off online, there was only a thumbnail image to try and gauge the size, no details whatsoever and no one to ask, I didn't care really."

Chaz had to be lowered into the garden by a JCB.
Facebook/Andre Bisson

It wasn't until the shipping company told Andre that Chaz (that's what Theo's calling the dinosaur) didn't fit in their truck that he realised this carnotaur was probably a touch bigger than he'd expected.

But Andre couldn't believe it when all of Chaz's near 20ft length rocked up at his house and was lifted into his garden with the help of a JCB.

He said: "The delivery team literally took about 30/40 minutes from when they arrived along the coast to Chaz being dropped in.

"The thought did cross my mind that if Chaz were to drop or fall through a roof, I was imagining the phone call to my insurance broker... 'OK sir, exactly how did a 20ft long hole appear in your roof?'... 'Well, a fully grown carnotaurus fell from the sky.'

"Thankfully he was well strapped in, although when he was being lowered in a gust of wind started him spinning in the air. His tail missed my dormer window by less than an inch."

Theo feeds Chaz fish fingers - a dish no carnotaurus can resist.
Facebook/Andre Bisson

Clearly, this was a very daft purchase, but it's all been worth it for Theo, who almost definitely has the biggest carnotaur in all of Guernsey.

Speaking to Unilad, Andre said: "Theo didn't want to go to school as he didn't want to leave him, he thought he'd be home alone - he wanted to take him on the yellow crane. He said he was hungry, so we cooked fish fingers and fed him. Theo and Chaz are best buds - he's got a pet dinosaur."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Andre Bisson

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