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Heartbreaking Reason Little Lad Asked His Mum To Make Two Lunches

Heartbreaking Reason Little Lad Asked His Mum To Make Two Lunches

A little kid who asked for an extra lunch has sparked a chain of awesome good deeds.

Josette Duran's son had been requesting two lunches for school for months.

She figured Dylan was just particularly hungry, but after a while questioned him about his intentions. It turned out that another boy at school only had a cup of fruit each day and so the other lunch was for him.

Clearly, this is a properly heartbreaking story but so much good has come out of it that it's actually amazing.


The family are from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The mother of the boy who only had a fruit cup each day contacted Josette after she found out what had been going on.

Josette took to Facebook Live to explain that the mother tried to pay her back for her kindness. She explained: "She says, 'I know this isn't much, but I just got a job, and I know you've been feeding my son'."

However, Josette refused to accept the money. According to CBS, she encouraged the volleyball team she coaches to raise money. They managed to get $400 and used the cash to pay off all the debts other parents owed to the school cafeteria for lunches.

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She said: "We paid up all the past due accounts for all the kids who need lunch.

"So, now, nobody in that school owes any money, and everyone can eat."

After news station, KCCI, got hold of the story, they posted a video which went viral. Ten million views viral, to be precise.


Paying it forward really does pay off. Well done to Dylan and to his mum.

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