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​Aldi Launches Halloumi Burger Slices And They Look Amazing

​Aldi Launches Halloumi Burger Slices And They Look Amazing

Costing £1.59 for four slices (or 200g), the packet says the slices are 'smooth and tangy' and 'perfect for grilling and barbecues'

We're finally into barbecue season and OH BOY, does it feel good. It's that beautiful time of year that sees giant steaks grilling away while you slurp on fruity ciders or refreshing slushie cocktails, and tunes blasting while you soak your feet in a paddling pool. Living the absolute dream.

One of the staples of that all-important barbecue spread is, of course, the humble burger, which usually gets piled up with a bit of tomato, lettuce and some floppy 'plastic' cheese, as it's lovingly known.

But now Aldi's got just the thing to make it less humble, and more heroic - thanks to the addition of some halloumi burger slices.

A spokesperson for Aldi confirmed to LADbible that the seasonal product is part of the supermarket's summer range, and was released into all stores on Tuesday.

Costing £1.59 for four slices (or 200g), the packet says the slices are 'smooth and tangy' and 'perfect for grilling and barbecues'. Consider us well and truly sold.


Specially cut into circles so that they're ready to casually top your burger, you'll just have to slap one on the barbecue next to the patty. That's right, none of those cheese-less mouthfuls that you'd get using rectangular slices from the usual blocks of the famed squeaky Cypriot cheese.

The product is currently not listed on the Aldi website, so you'll have to go and track the slices down in store. A wild halloumi chase, if you will - which is definitely one I'm willing to embark on.

Earlier this year Aldi fired up some more halloumi hype when it launched some very affordable halloumi fries, which turned out to be biiiiig news to anyone who's a fan of fried cheese - so, everyone.


Costing £1.99 for a bag, the Golden & Crispy Specially Selected Halloumi Fries (erm, yum) were added to Aldi's frozen aisle on 19 May.

"Aldi's Specially Selected Haloumi Fries are made with scrumptiously soft - and slightly salty - halloumi cheese from Cyprus and a lightly seasoned crispy coating making them the perfect side or snack for sharing," the product description explains.

Julie Ashfield, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK, said: "Halloumi is very popular right now and we are delighted to be the first supermarket to bring our customers halloumi fries, a snack we think will be a big hit this summer and which isn't currently available from any other supermarkets."

Sweet dreams are made of cheese... specifically halloumi it seems. God, summer's great.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - samiryanfenton/Flickr - Antonio Caiazzo

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