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Jamie Oliver Gets Mugged Off By A Group Of Kids Over Chicken Nuggets

Rebecca Shepherd

| Last updated 

Jamie Oliver Gets Mugged Off By A Group Of Kids Over Chicken Nuggets

We never forgave him for having turkey twizzlers banned, then there was his attempt to get rid of two-for-one pizzas, next it was energy drinks. The guy's on a bloody mission and it's all just a little bit inconsiderate for our liking.

So imagine our delight when we came across this little gem. It's about seven years old now but still gives us exactly what we need when we feel like the celebrity chef is getting a bit too much.


So it's no surprise to anyone that Jamie Oliver is trying to ban everything with a bit of sugar and fat in - but we've figured out his plan. He's just trying to get revenge on the stubborn, yet brilliant, kids in this clip from his programme, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

During the show, Oliver tried to get the children to choose home-cooked food over processed meals - like that's ever going to happen.

He vowed to 'blow these kids' minds' by showing them some of the 'most disgusting ingredients in some of the worst processed food'.

He asked the youngsters: "Do you want to learn a lesson that's going to change your life?" Of course they did, they're kids.

Whether he did change their lives is another matter altogether.

The 43-year-old proceeded to cut all the 'nice' bits off a chicken and leave the 'ribs and little bits of giblets and blood and skin', in an experiment that 'works every time'.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

He decided to put the leftover chicken into a blender (after aggressively chopping it up) before removing it and adding in stabiliser, flavouring and breadcrumbs.

At first it was simply a pile of gunk and mush but after the special touches it looked pretty bloody nice.

Then the forbidden question was aired: "Who would still eat this?"

In a reluctant but honest answer, each and every one of the seven children stuck their hands up to Jamie's dismay.

Credit: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution/ABC
Credit: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution/ABC

His face was a picture - probably similar to ours when we ran out for lunch time on that dreaded day in 2005 only to find that turkey twizzlers were no more.

He said, pretty disappointed with his efforts: "Great. So there you go, the whole experiment failed."

Then went on to ask (because God loves a trier): "Why would you still eat it if you know it's bad?" And the kids responded: "Because we're hungry".

This is my life in a nutshell. Good try, Jamie. Onward and upward in your venture of trying to ruin our lives.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Rebecca Shepherd
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