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People Are Grilling Whole Sunflower Heads And Eating It Like Corn On The Cob

People Are Grilling Whole Sunflower Heads And Eating It Like Corn On The Cob

Why, oh, why?

Ever thought about grilling a whole sunflower head before chomping down on it like corn on the cob? Nah, me neither but apparently it's becoming a 'thing':

By a 'thing', we mean there are a select few brave people attempting to normalise the consumption of the sunflower.

According to a video shared by the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, grilling the sunflower is pretty simple.You just need to remove all the flowers and coat with oil before chucking it face down on to the grill/BBQ.

The rare seed company then advises us all to coat the now-cooked sunflower with sun-dried tomatoes before sprinkling with chopped basil and gnawing away on it.

I mean, that doesn't look bad at all...
Facebook/Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

Replying to a few questions the company explained: "It's a little nutty tasting on its own, but was super delicious with the sun-dried tomatoes we added. They're still tender like corn when harvested while immature.

"You just remove the little yellow flowers from the center, leaving the immature seeds to eat. They have a similar texture to corn before the hard shells mature and harden."

Facebook/Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

Replying to the video, people were very much of mixed opinions. One said: "I'm going to be trying this this weekend. Without the tomatoes, though. I'm thinking butter, roasted garlic from this summer's harvest, and some fresh herbs." You do you.

Another added: "I've tried all kinds of exotic food but I never thought I could eat sunflower like grilled corn. I eat the sunflower seeds, but they are already in a bag."

A third, who didn't seem as convinced, wrote: "This frightened the life out of me," with someone else agreeing: "Not sure how I feel about this."

If you think cooking something like a sunflower is weird, you should probably relax and remember the baker collecting women's urine from a public toilet in order to make bread. The sunflower seems like a walk in the park now, right?

PA (stock)

Louise Raguet is a French baker and describes herself as an 'eco-feminist'. She's been using the pee she harvests from public restrooms to fertilise the wheat that she then uses to make up her 'Boucle d'Or' or 'Goldilocks bread'.

First off, she gathers the p*** from the female urinals - which are also a thing, and she's played a role in designing her own version - in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris, then sprays the urine on the wheat and makes her bizarre baked goods claiming that urine 'is a great fertiliser'. We'll take yer word for it.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

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