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There's Now A Petition To Bring Back The Cadbury Flake Snow

There's Now A Petition To Bring Back The Cadbury Flake Snow

Here's a blast from the past you didn't know you needed - Flake Snow chocolate bars.

Remember them? Even if you don't, we promise you'd love them. We just need Cadbury to bring them back so that we can prove our point.


One hero's already working on it, though. Following the ridiculous success of the petition to bring back turkey twizzlers, staple of the British school dinner, someone's now started a campaign to bring back the Flake Snow.

We'll explain the gist of the chocolate bar, for those who never sampled its crumbly delights.

Credit: Cadbury
Credit: Cadbury

Although it had the Flake name and logo on its wrapper, it actually more closely resembled a Twirl bar because of its solid layer of chocolate around the outside.

What you're dealing with here is a crumbly white chocolate inside, covered in good ol' Cadbury milk chocolate.


It was messy, it was sickly, and it was perfect. For some reason, Cadbury discontinued the bar in 2008.

There's now a petition on pleading to bring it back to our shops. Come on Cadbury, even it's just a limited edition, we'll take it.

If you're feeling particularly strongly about this, go ahead and sign it. We're not here to stop you.

A Cadbury spokesperson told LADbible: "We are always happy to hear how much people love our Cadbury products past and present! Cadbury has been making delicious chocolate for over 100 years and we are continually reviewing and innovating our ranges to ensure we have the best offering for our consumers."

Erm... so they've skirted around the issue here. We'll keep trying.

There are plenty of other discontinued chocolate bars we'd like to see make a comeback, while we've got your attention.

Cadbury Snaps. They were the Pringles of the chocolate world, and came in orange, caramel, mint, hazelnut and milk versions. You can get cheap versions in Aldi, though, you're welcome.

Astros. Astros were basically like crispy M&Ms, but they were SPACE THEMED. Come on, no one's too big a kid to get on board with that again.

KitKat Senses, and Mars Delight. These two were pretty similar to one another - light wafer foundation, then a light filling. Their closest surviving relative is the Kinder Bueno, but it's not the same.

Echo bars. Does anyone else actually remember these? They'd always pop up in your lunch box, little tunnels of chocolate biscuit covered in bubbly white or milk chocolate. They were ace.

Cadbury's Marble. Do you fancy white chocolate? Or milk? Or praline? YOU COULD HAVE THEM ALL WITH MARBLE. It was amazing.

The demise of the Flake Snow coincided with the disappearance of Dream bars - that white chocolate filling was basically just a swirly Dream anyway.

You know nothing, Flake Snow. We still love you.

Featured Image Credit: Cadbury

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