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People Think They've Figured Out A Hidden Message In The PS2 Loading Screen

People Think They've Figured Out A Hidden Message In The PS2 Loading Screen

It's blowing everyone's minds.

James Dawson

James Dawson

As both the video game console that defined my teenage years and the reason I failed to get decent GCSEs - who needs to attend first period or hand in their homework when they're smashing it on Pro Evo, right? - the PlayStation 2 remains an important part of my growing up

Weirdly though, through all those educational attainment decimating hours of Final Fantasy X and Smackdown vs Raw, there was a hidden message that I never even thought about. One that was popping up day-in, day out, every time I changed game but that went completely unnoticed.

See, up until today I never knew what determined the number of towers that appeared on the loading screen.

But now I know. In a Facebook post that has recently gone viral a social media user claimed: "The start up screen on PS2 showed different amount of towers based on how many games you played, and the height showing how long you played said game."

The clear squares are apparently related to how many PS1 saves you have. All of which appears to have been validated by a number of articles.

As well as these tweets:

I was planning on checking out whether this is true myself on my old PS2 but then I remembered that it's in my gran's attic and to be honest, fuck trying to go up there with those dodgy ladders.

LADbible has approached Sony for comment on whether this is definitely true. They're yet to get back to us, although to be fair, I was asking them for info about a console first released back in 2000, so I'm hardly surprised.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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