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Mum Builds Her Own House For Her And Two Sons For £8,000

Mum Builds Her Own House For Her And Two Sons For £8,000

A mum who was left homeless after her marriage broke down built her own house for just £8,000.

Charlotte Sapwell, from Victoria in Australia, didn't want to end up saddled with a large mortgage so set about creating her own home for her and her two young sons.

The house is made up of a main living area, which includes the kitchen and Charlotte's bedroom, a bathroom and a bedroom for the boys.


She told Yahoo7: "It's not something I had ever really thought about, but then due to financial difficulties, I spoke to my grandpa and he suggested we build a tiny house.

"I was running out of options and as a mum I needed to do everything within my power to provide for my boys even if it meant some long days and hard work."


Five months and only £8,000 later and Charlotte and her kids have got a cosy little home in her granddad's back yard which was once an office space.

Although the building looks pretty impressive now, it was hard-graft for Charlotte to get the place looking as it does now, but she said things happening like 'running water' and a 'flushing toilet' got them all excited enough to carry on with the hard work.

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Incredibly, Charlotte and her family managed to carry out all the work themselves. She said: "I'm lucky that together we did all the labour, and I'm talking everything so that took away a lot of the cost."

Despite only being six and two, Charlotte the two boys were always willing to lend a hand and get stuck in, too.


Charlotte and her family did all the labour themselves. Credit: Instagram/charlottes_littleexplorers

This left her small budget available to buy supplies and furniture; she told Yahoo7, that she picked up a lot of cheap stuff using Gumtree and garage sales as well as heading to IKEA.

Charlotte has documented her progress on her Instagram page, and is now encouraging to give it a go.

She said: "A smaller mortgage means so much room for possibilities, you learn to really appreciate what's around you and, for me, I've learnt what I am personally capable of. So, in saying that any one can do it.


"I never would of thought I'd ever achieve building my own home let alone love what I'm doing."

And I can't even put a shelf up. Well done, Charlotte.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/charlottes_littleexplorers

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