Woman Offers To Be A Stand-In Mum At Same-Sex Weddings

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Woman Offers To Be A Stand-In Mum At Same-Sex Weddings

Meet Sara Cunningham, she is a mum of two, an ordained minister who works at an architectural firm. Oh and a proud LGBTQ+ advocate with a gay son.

She is also offering to be a stand-in parent at any same-sex marriages where the couple's biological parents are refusing to attend.

She promises to be their 'biggest fan' and 'even bring the bubbles' - we're sold, she's officially the best.



Sara told BuzzFeed she is doing what she wishes someone would have done for her when she was 'trying to figure things out' in respect to being 'a woman of faith and a mother with a gay son'.

She said: "I thought, if my son is going to hell for being gay I'm gonna fight for him like my hair is on fire," she said. "Since then I've gotten educated and no longer believe that - so now I've [been] fighting for him and the LGBTQ community like my hair is on fire because I've seen the power of what fear and ignorance can do."

Putting this into practice, on Friday, she shared a post on Facebook volunteering to attend weddings of any LGBTQ+ couples who don't have support from their own parents.

The post has been shared over 7,000 times with people from all over the world praising her efforts.


One said: "We need more people like you in this work and less hate".

Another added: "I love you!!! This is such a blessing. Thank you for this."

As an ordained minister, Sara has been marrying people all over Oklahoma since 2016.


In an interview with BuzzFeed, she said: "The post came from hearing from several same-sex couples - how their parents refuse to attend their wedding or even acknowledge their relationships.

Adding: "I'm simply doing what I wish someone would have done when I was trying to figure things out, being a woman of faith and a mother with a gay son."

The activist, who has now had six official wedding invitations as well as inspiring other mums to do the same, concluded by saying: "People need hope - I sure do - and we need to be that for each other in any way, shape, or form.

"Hope never disappoints."


Sara also works at 'Free Mom Hugs' a charity all about mums who love LGBTQ+ kids. They 'share their stories and love in hopes to see change in the world around us'.

What a good bloody egg Sara is. Follow suit, people.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Sara Cunningham

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