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An Untouched Scottish Island Has Gone On The Market For £120,000

An Untouched Scottish Island Has Gone On The Market For £120,000

Eilean Nan Gabhar is a 12.8-acre island with no services - apart from the excellent Vodafone signal

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

If you're a bit of a miserable, unsociable bastard who likes to sit on your own then this will be right up your street.

An untouched Scottish island has gone on the market and for a rather surprising £120,000 ($153,000) - to put this in context, the average property price in the UK is currently £225,00.

So you can get an entire island for nearly half the price. Where do we sign?


It almost looks like something from the Maldives, except the sea is a slightly different colour and the 'sand' isn't quite as white. The temperature probably isn't the same either (just a hunch).

But put a jumper on, close your eyes and Bob's your uncle.

Eilean Nan Gabhar, which translates as 'Island of the Goats', has now been placed on the market for one lucky adventurer looking to get away from it all.


The 12.8-acre island, located on Loch Craignish just off Argyll's west coast, is home to plenty of birds and wildlife, thanks to its perfect natural habitat. Surely there are plenty of goats?

The unique island has belonged to the same family for over 70 years but is now on sale for the price of £120,000. There are no services on the island and no buildings of any kind.

Ah, so not quite the same as a semi-detached close to the city then? But still - an actual island.


And there may be no services available but selling agents Galbraith have been informed that a good Vodafone signal can be accessed from parts of the island as well as 3G coverage.

Well, what more can a person need? You've got the biggest bath in the world on your doorstep and a phone in your pocket. Charging it might be tricky but you can cross that bridge when you come to it.

Also a bridge might come in handy, but again, all in good time.

Further south from the island is Lochgilphead with its choice of shops and restaurants while the city of Glasgow is a mere two hours away.

The ground is covered with a mix of lush vegetation, grassland, gorse and impressive rock formations.

Offers for the island close at noon on 30 August. So get in there while you can - what are you waiting for?

In May, Wade Island was up for sale - just a 90-minute drive from Canberra, Australia - with a guide price of between AUD $600,000 (£332,160 / US $450,000) to AUD $650,000 (£359,840 / US $487,500).

Imagine getting your latest ASOS order delivered to Wade Island or Eilean Nan Gabhar - immediate and ultimate LAD points.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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