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Woman Refuses To Share A Bed With Her Fella So She Can Cuddle Up With Cat Instead

Woman Refuses To Share A Bed With Her Fella So She Can Cuddle Up With Cat Instead

The couple have separate bedrooms and she claims it's been great for their relationship

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

It's fair to say that us Brits are a nation of animal-lovers, we think nothing of pampering our four-legged friends and spoiling them with treats and attention.

However, when it comes to sleeping arrangements, we are a nation divided. Some of us are more than happy to share our sleeping space with our beloved pets, whereas others think having animals in the bedroom is a no-no.

One woman who falls firmly into the first camp is tech writer Holly Brockwell, 32, who enjoys cuddling up with her cat Mwari every night - no biggie, right? Except her other-half Zack Fox, 26, sits on the other side fence and doesn't like fur-babies in the boudoir.

Holly Brockwell

The solution? Well, the couple, who live together, sleep in separate rooms every night.

Speaking to the Sun, Holly, who runs, said that she had initially agreed to the bedroom-cat-ban but when she saw how adorable and small their newly adopted kitten was she told him she would sleep in the spare room until she was 'bigger and less clingy'.

Fast forward 18-months and that day still hasn't come, with the pair saying they have settled into the routine and that spending the night in separate rooms has improved their relationship.

Holly Brockwell

Holly, who works from, says she's a night-owl meanwhile Zack is up early for work, so, after an evening cuddling on the couch and watching TV, he can turn in around midnight and she can retreat to her bedroom and read until she feels sleepy.

She says Mwari sleeps just above her head and rests a protective paw on her to let her know she's close-by.


The couple also have a second cat, a rescue called Moose, but he sleeps on the couch.

Now, I know what you're wondering, but, no; according to Holly it hasn't had a negative impact on their sex life - she told the paper that they when they want to get down to it, they do it in Zack's cat-free room and keep the door closed.

She added: "Other people might think it's strange us sleeping in different rooms, but it works for us and we wouldn't change it unless we had to."

Fair enough or should that be fur enough?

Source: The Sun

Featured Image Credit: Holly Brockwell

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