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Erectile Dysfunction Expert Says She's Saved Hundreds Of Men's Sex Lives

Erectile Dysfunction Expert Says She's Saved Hundreds Of Men's Sex Lives

An erectile dysfunction expert claims she has helped to save the sex lives of hundreds of men.

Physiotherapist Rosemary Lillie, who established the West Wimbledon Physiotherapy Clinic in 2003, has been focussing on male fertility for a decade and sees up to five fellas a week.

Rosemary can help strengthen your pelvic floor and so much more. Credit: Rosemary Lillie
Rosemary can help strengthen your pelvic floor and so much more. Credit: Rosemary Lillie

Speaking to FEMAIL, the 66-year-old said: "Some of the men who come to me have never had a sex life before. Being a man and not being able to get an erection means you can't have sex and that can be incredibly distressing.


"There can be tears and some do pour their hearts out to me. We always have a box of tissues at hand in case men need them.

"Sometimes I go home drained emotionally, but it's comforting knowing I can help.

"Some men use humour to get them through it and to mask their pain, so you do get a few occasions when a patient will remove their trousers and say, 'I bet you've seen a few of these in your time?'. I have to say, 'Well, yes I have'."

To help these men, Rosemary deploys a range of methods, including shockwave, laser and manual therapy, as well as acupuncture. However, one of the most important things she does is help to strengthen the pelvic floor - something a lot of blokes don't even know they have.


Rosemary said: "The method of obtaining an erection is that the penis contains spongy material, and blood is forced into it which causes the penis to become erect.

"You have surrounding muscles which help with the erection. If you have a strong pelvic floor you have a much better chance of that erection lasting.

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"Because I am experienced, I know what a good pelvic floor should feel like. You have to feel between the anus and the back of the testicles, that's where the pelvic floor is."

Ah yes, the 'gooch' is the medical term I believe you're looking for, Rosemary.


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She added: "It's interesting most women have a good idea of their pelvic floor while most men don't, so if you ask them to exercise their pelvic floor, they will just look at you and say they have no idea where to start."

To be fair, you can't exactly stick the bit between your anus and your testicles on a treadmill, can you? I wouldn't recommend it anyway.

But there's plenty Rosemary can do to help men get it up, and it's a job she loves doing.

She said: "By the time they get to me they have researched the subject and realise they've got a problem. A lot of them have tried Viagra but there are drawbacks with that.


"With Viagra you have to decide when you want sex and plan it. Then you have to take it a certain amount of time in advance. And if you're unlucky your erection can actually last for hours, which may sound fantastic to some, but it actually isn't. It can be quite awkward, so it takes the spontaneity out of it.

"I love my job very much. I love helping people. That is why I went into it in the first place.

"There is so much I can do to help men who have erectile dysfunction and all sorts of other things."

Featured Image Credit: Rosemary Lillie

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