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Is This Caretaker Position On A Remote Island The Best Job In The World?

Is This Caretaker Position On A Remote Island The Best Job In The World?

One lucky pair get to spend six whole months as caretakers on this beautiful island.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

One lucky couple have bagged themselves the job of a lifetime, getting the chance to spend six whole months on a relaxing, remote island just off the coast of Tasmania. Jammy bastards.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service posted an add for two caretakers to look after Maatsuyker Island - a 460-acre island six miles off the south coast of Tasmania. Perhaps needless to say, they were absolutely inundated with applications, because who wouldn't want to live here for six months?

Credit: Facebook/Maatsuyker Island Caretakers

The caretakers were warned that, 'it is important that the people who are on Maatsuyker at the same time are able to work well together', with most applications coming from couples, but two pals would also be considered.

The island really is a paradise, however paradise comes at a cost, and the caretakers will have to learn to live without TV and wifi, but I reckon I could handle that, do you?

The island is accessible by helicopter, and applicants were warned that they had to be self-sufficient, healthy and with a proven track record of working in remote locations. Otherwise, I guess it could all go a bit 'The Shining', couldn't it?

The caretakers are warned to pack wisely, as they can only bring 325kg of luggage per person, which must include food, but if it's just the two of them walking around on that island they can probably not even bother with clothes, so that'll make some room.

Look at those happy little caretakers. Credit: Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

There's only one resupply trip half way through the six month stay, so I guess this is where the self-sufficient part comes in. And there's a vegetable garden on the island, so the caretakers will be able to make sure they're getting their five-a-day.

The accommodation is a 19th century lighthouse keeper's dwelling, but the lucky volunteers won't have to worry about running the lighthouse, it's all computerized now, apparently.

As well as looking like Eden, the island boasts a bunch of adorable animals including penguins and seals.


But it's not all hanging out with penguins and chilling in hammocks, the volunteers would be expected to earn their keep by 'carrying out caretaking services including maintenance of grounds, buildings and plant and equipment'.

They will also have to 'carry out daily weather observations' for the Bureau of Meteorology, for which they receive training and payment.

'Not a bad gig that, is it?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

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