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Publisher Creates Comic Book About Australians With Superpowers

Publisher Creates Comic Book About Australians With Superpowers

There are 12 heroes and 12 villains who will do battle across Australian territories.

When you think of comic books about superheroes, you're naturally going to think of Marvel and DC characters like Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Superman and Wonder Woman.

While these characters are iconic and have been delighting fans in both print and movie forms, it's time to have a bit more diversity.

That's what Black Comics has tried to achieve but launching a new graphic-novel series based on Aussie superheroes called The Super Australians.

Black House Comics

They've created 12 heroes and 12 villains all based off different parts of Australian culture and all are set in different parts of Australian territory.

Black Comics has carefully curated these characters who 'represent all ages, all ethnicities and all walks of life and all arrays of super powers or special abilities in this strange, wide, brown land of ours'.

Conceptualist, editor, and lead writer, Christopher Sequeira said: "The time had come to do a major work like this, showing the idea of super-heroism through an Australian lens.

"With the rising interest in concepts like the Justice League, the X-Men and the Avengers I was feeling we didn't have anything around for mass consumption that was a current look at the 'multiple heroes' model and so I thought let's carefully put a first foot out in that water with a collaborative chapter novel, in comic-book format, and show people the amazing, world-class talent we have here, with our own flavour of heroes unlike anything else on the planet.

Black House Comics

"I'm lucky to have contact with amazing men and women working in the field here, and in turn some of those folks also referred me to talent to fill remaining spots, and we had enough to tell a mega-charged story that speaks - we hope - to Australians everywhere - and to people everywhere - because the story of Australians is the story of the melting pot - whichever one you happen to be sitting in!"

Now let's get to the heroes you'll be able to follow in The Super Australians.

Lyrebird: 'A mysterious woman with amazing superpowers who is accused of being a saboteur, but who may actually be an Australian defender against some very shady international black ops conspirators!'

Princess: 'Normally a glamourous corporate businesswoman, she transforms into a huge, rampaging female monster! Her secret: the monster's the good guy, the corporate tycoon is the bad guy!'

Cosmosia: 'Transformed by futuristic technology into a being with an artificial body she protects Australian interests in relation to satellite communications far above the continent.

Black House Comics

The Soldier Legacy: 'The story of a tradition of facing all the enemy can throw at you and keeping on going, because there are others you must battle for. This is the heritage of the fighter with a mask'.

The Public Servant: 'Sometimes the quietest, most non-descript of us is called to stand up and represent and become much, much bigger by doing the right thing. This is the responsibility of the size-changing superwoman'.

The Aethryic Man: 'He is not truly human - at least not now - but he is trying to learn to become human, and protect us from threats as weird as he is! Meet the strangest hero'.

Soundstrike: 'A young gay man just trying to live a normal life, but the gift of his amazing sonic abilities keeps preventing that!'

Longcoat: 'An ancient curse has made Longcoat seemingly immortal, but cursed him with a savage alternate persona, so when supernatural and other-dimensional creatures attack our world he's the front line!'


Djiniri: 'She is one of the ancient supernatural peoples, she is Djiniri, and she is now freed from captivity. No more to grant the wishes of the indulgent, now she stands up for those in danger'.

Jackaroo: 'Two fists, a refusal to stay down when he should be out, and a larrikin spirit. His greatest power is his untiring spirit, a very Australian spirit'.

Dragonblade: 'She's a young Chinese Australian who carries the burden of being next in line to wield a centuries-old mystic weapon'.

Rogue Host: 'An aboriginal youth who has been infected with bizarre bio-tech, now as a Rogue Host, he fights against those who transformed him!'

The Super Australians will launch at Oz Comic Con Brisbane and Sydney from September 21.

It'll be awesome to see Aussie characters battling on Aussie territory.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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