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The Cost Of Keeping An Electric Fan On While You Sleep

The Cost Of Keeping An Electric Fan On While You Sleep

There's a heatwave on just now, but how expensive is it to keep the air circulating?

OK, so you've probably noticed that it's pretty warm out there just now. Most of the UK is sizzling as soaring temperatures threaten to ruin everyone's sleep - but perhaps there are some fairly convincing reasons as to why you shouldn't keep the fan on all night.

Then again, nobody likes being warm at night, and the cost couldn't be that much, could it?

According to energy switching service Migrate, more than half the UK population use a fan at night to keep them cool.

They suggest that electric fans collectively cost £1.7 million to run every single day, which is quite a lot.

On an individual level, things start to seem a little bit more affordable.

It's certainly warm out there.

It's just 7p per household to run a fan for eight hours, which is a small price to pay to enjoy a cool night's sleep.

That figure is based up running a 70 watt fan - which is the typical power - and an average unit of electricity costing about 18p.

There are certainly quieter ways to keep cool at night if you so desire. How about freezing a hot water bottle ahead of time, or sleeping without a big heavy duvet on you?

If you really want to cool off before slipping under the sheets, you could take a cold shower before you head up to sleep, and remember to keep the curtains of your room closed over in the daytime so the heat can't build.

If you do decide to use a fan, you could stick a few cubes of ice in a bowl and place that in front of it, so that it creates a makeshift air conditioner.

Honest, it works.

Good luck sleeping.

Speaking to Mirror Online, Max Green from - who conducted the research used above - said: "News of a heatwave is an omen of sleepless nights to come.

"This year the discomfort isn't limited to the night; many homeworkers won't be able to benefit from the perfectly adjusted air conditioning systems of their employer's offices.

"The stifling heat can confuse our judgement when it comes to deciding whether to fork out for an expensive cooling system.

"They can be costly to buy and run, and are only useful for the few hot days the UK experiences every year.

"The humble electric fan is still one of the most common solutions for combating the heat, and at a cost of roughly 7p a night, it comes at a price that the majority of people will be willing to pay for comfort."

Stay cool out there, folks.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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