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Woman Gets Pregnant With Triplets After 'One-Night Stand' With Ex-Boyfriend

Woman Gets Pregnant With Triplets After 'One-Night Stand' With Ex-Boyfriend

A mum gave birth to triplets after having a one-night stand with her ex-partner, immediately doubling the number of kids they had already.

Charliann Broadhurst and her partner Ryan Hill had previously brought three kids into the world, but decided to go their separate ways following a rough patch.

However, the childhood sweethearts then had a one-night stand, during which Charliann got pregnant.

Now, the happy couple are back together and are raising their six kids. Cute, eh?

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

Charliann said: "No-one could believe it as at the time of conception me and Ryan weren't actually together.

"He's my childhood sweetheart and we've been together since we were 15 but at the time we were going through a really bad patch.

"I tell everyone I fell pregnant on a one-night stand - it just happened to be with the man I already had kids with!"


And she added: "It's a miracle. It was like someone wanted to bring us back together.

"It literally is a fairy tale."

The delighted couple say they couldn't believe it when they found out that not only was Charliann pregnant, but triplets were on their way too.

Charliann, of Wellingborough, explained: "The triplets were not planned at all.


"I didn't even think I was pregnant. I went to the doctors out of curiosity because I was feeling really unwell and he told me I was pregnant. My mouth fell open.

"Because I'd been bleeding he referred me straight to hospital.

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

"Within four hours I realised that I wasn't just pregnant, I was pregnant with triplets. I could barely take it in."


After being sent the hospital, Charliann was booked in for a scan, where she was told she was carrying fraternal twins - the sonographer also spotted 'another dot' and told Charliann she could be carrying a third.

Charliann said: "She said, 'I've really got to tell you something - there actually may be another egg.'

"I didn't know how to take it. Twins are a fairy tale of mine. I dreamed about having twins forever. But triplets - wow."

The mum-of-six phoned Ryan to break the news, who 'went silent'.


Days later, Charliann was given another scan, which revealed three heartbeats and confirmed the sonographer's prediction.

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Carrying three babies took its toll on Charliann, who was warned she was at risk of developing deadly Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), a rare condition that can occur when babies share a placenta that means one can stop growing.

Thankfully, her pregnancy continued perfectly until she reached 29 weeks, when she began to have contractions and went to hospital.

After two weeks in hospital, and managing to avoid early labour, Charliann was sent home - but a follow-up scan revealed the babies had stopped growing.

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

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"I hadn't been scanned for two weeks and I felt something was wrong," she said.

"I was being scanned and within seconds the sonographer said, 'I need to get you an emergency caesarian now - your babies have stopped growing.'"

Charliann gave birth at 33 weeks - and dad Ryan was lucky to be there.

"I actually thought Ryan was going to miss it," she admitted.

"There are two hospitals in Nottingham and he was in a rush to get there and went to the wrong one.

"I'd had my epidural and was lying on the table, crying, 'Where is Ryan?' He was on loudspeaker in the theatre and all the surgeons were directing him to the hospital.

"But he made it in time."

The triplets were born at 12.31pm on 31 May 2019 - incredibly they were all born within the same minute.

Little girl Ryana was born first at 4lb 4oz, then Carter, who weighed 3lbs 7oz and last was Cayon at 3lbs 8oz. The boys are identical twins.

Despite contracting an infection, all three babies are now happy and healthy, and the couple are getting used to being a family of eight.

Due to the demands of the six kids, Charliann gets up at 4am, where she puts on two loads of washing and sets about making six breakfasts for the little ones.

Credit: Triangle News
Credit: Triangle News

Mealtimes and bathtimes have to be run like a 'military operation'.

She said: "That time between the elder kids coming home from school and bathtime is a military routine.

"And when I say military routine, I mean a conveyor belt. It's like 'change nappy 1-2-3'.

"It's so hectic. I wouldn't even invite someone in for a cuppa at that time.

"I like to keep things clean too and that's another thing that stresses me out - my life is cleaning, cooking, washing, doing errands, having to get their stuff for school."

But she added: "The elder children have been lovely. They are my little helpers. I could not have done it without them. Their dad is good, I can't fault him, but my girls are amazing too.

"They have become little mummies overnight. They keep the triplets occupied, they run around the front room and all the triplets are just watching them. They love it."

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News

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