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British mum shocked after young daughter starts talking with American accent like YouTuber

British mum shocked after young daughter starts talking with American accent like YouTuber

The mum couldn't believe it when she heard her daughter speaking with an American accent

A British mum was shocked when her young daughter started talking with an American accent.

With kids spending more and more time on tablets and watching TV, they're understandably going to pick up some habits from their favourite stars.

Kelly Convey, who uses the handle @kelly_convey on TikTok, took to the platform recently to see if other parents had noticed something a little surprising about the way their kids talk.

She explained in the video that her 21-month-old toddler Bea loves watching Ms Rachel on YouTube.

But she revealed that her tot had actually started mimicking the way she says certain words.

Kelly was shocked when her toddler began speaking with an American accent.

In the short post, Kelly asked: “Has anybody else got a British, and I have to stress British, toddler who watches Ms Rachel, and, as they’ve started to speak, you realise that they’ve actually got an American accent?”

The mum then turns to Bea to show her followers exactly what she means.

Cutting to her toddler, Kelly asks her to repeat a series of words, like 'car', 'ear', zebra', and 'more'.

And amazingly, Bea sounds more like she's spent her life across the pond than in old Blighty.

“You’re so clever,” Kelly tells her daughter, laughing at her Yank accent.

In the caption of the video, which has now been viewed millions of times, the mum wrote: “Born in the USA.”

Since it was posted, thousands have piled into the comments to express their utter disbelief at what they had just watched.

And it turned out that Kelly and Bea weren't alone.

One user said: "My American kids have an Aussie accent after watching Bluey."

Bea says certain words with an American twang.

Another commented: "That's nothing. My daughter's nursery teacher called me and asked which part of America my baby was from... she's British."

"Yes, yes!" put a third. "My little girl says all these words and many others with an American accent."

While another added: "That's a 'Merican baby there."

Other parents, however, said this was just revenge for all the hours of Peppa Pig their kids had watched, leaving them with a British accent.

"This is payback for Peppa Pig,” joked one users.

Another remarked: “Omg the reverse Peppa Pig effect.”

"It's just like our American toddlers watching Peppa Pig and picking up a British accent," put a third.

With someone else adding: "My American daughter still says 'muddy puddles' like Peppa Pig does."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kelly_convey

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