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Best Friends Form Throuple With Woman After Both 'Fell In Love' With Her

Best Friends Form Throuple With Woman After Both 'Fell In Love' With Her

Dino De Souza, 40, and Saulo Gomes, 30, were both in Barcelona when they first met Olga in 2019

Two best friends have formed a throuple with a woman they met on holiday after 'falling in love' with her at the same time:

Dino De Souza, 40, and Saulo Gomes, 30, both from Brazil, first met Olga, 27, from Bélarus, at a local bar during a holiday in Barcelona on 19 August 2019.

The pals were both captivated by Olga, who was hanging out at the venue with a group of friends, and each wanted to ask her out.

Torn on how to resolve the situation without causing issues for their friendship, both men approached the young woman - and eventually, the trio began going on dates together.

The trio never planned to become a throuple.
Jam Press

The trio claim they never planned to become a throuple; Dino and Saulo simply fell head over heels for Olga, and it became a natural development in their relationship with her.

Dino explained: "Saulo and I arrived in Barcelona and went directly to a bar to see the Champions League game which was showing that night. We entered the bar and Olga was there with a group of friends.

"We approached her and we invited her to go and get a drink with us, and that was where our beautiful story began. For us, it is not a question of being in a relationship with three people.

"It's a question of chemistry, we happened to be connected. The chemistry was so strong that we are impressed to know what the other is thinking or feeling.

"I would like to be able to describe what we feel, but we do not have adjectives to describe this feeling."

Dino with Olga.
Jam Press
Saulo with Olga.
Jam Press

Having dated for nearly a year and a half, Dino, Saulo and Olga travel, go to restaurants and go on dates just like a typical couple would, but as a threesome.

At first, the throuple received shocked reactions from friends and family about their unique relationship, as their loved ones struggled to understand it.

Despite the initial backlash, they did their best to explain their situation calmly and their friends and family are now supportive.

However, they still get confused looks and negative comments from people in public - but choose to ignore these and focus on their relationship instead.

Jam Press

Dino said: "When [people] have an opportunity to get to know us and talk, they completely change the way they were thinking about our relationship. They get surprised and change negative opinions that they had before.

"We are very mature and philosophical about life. We always try to stay positive and do not waste our energy with negative things. We also don't give a f*** what people think about us."

Every relationship has its ups and downs - but it seems Dino, Olga and Saulo have managed to find a way of resolving anything because there's always going to be a deciding vote. So, to finalise any major decisions that's what they do - vote.

Jam Press

Describing their roles in the unusual grouping, Dino said: "I'm the child of the relationship and I bring the positivity. Saulo is the serious and organised one, while Olga is the distracted and disorganised person, but brings unconditional and pure love to the relationship."

The trio, who currently live in Toulouse, France, also plan to have children together in the future. Dino added: "We want Olga to mother children from me and from Saulo.

"We plan to travel the world and share our philosophy on our way of life in the simplest way possible, while developing our business."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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