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Someone Sprayed 'Mike Is A Cheater' All Over Wrong Car

Someone Sprayed 'Mike Is A Cheater' All Over Wrong Car

Nedra Brantley, a disabled military veteran, was shocked to discover her car had been vandalised.

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Have you ever waved at someone in a passing car only to realise it's not who you thought it was? It's pretty mortifying but you get over it because it's just a wave.

Well, imagine spray painting someone's car only to find out that the person you thought owned it doesn't and you've just, in fact, vandalised a stranger's vehicle.


Well, that's exactly what happened to someone (believed to be a female) who sprayed 'Mike Is A Cheater' in black paint all over a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SUV.

Now, it's been revealed that the car's owner was muddled up with a woman called Nedra Brantley, a disabled military veteran.

She's not called Mike and she's, well, a woman. And it's fair to say she was left pretty surprised when she saw her car in Washington DC on Sunday morning (14 November).

Nedra Brantley whose car was destroyed.

She admitted that she 'screamed' when she first laid eyes on it as it had been so badly vandalised and said that she doesn't even know anyone named Mike.

The unidentified vandal spray-painted across the bonnet and side doors and also, the wing mirrors had been knocked off and the front and back windscreens were smashed.

Meanwhile, the SUV's side windows and licence plates had been sprayed black.


After reacting in shock at the sight of her vehicle, Brantley is quoted in local media as saying: "I'm surprised nobody in the neighbourhood heard me, because I screamed so, so loud, because I didn't expect this would happen."

Confused about the incident, especially as she does not know anyone called 'Mike', Brantley said she called the police who told her it was probably a case of 'mistaken identity'.

She added that her insurance company has promised to cover the cost of the damage.

Us on the other hand, we just want to know who this 'Mike' is and what he's done.

Hopefully it was worse than the guy who had his car defaced for just being flashy.

Mr Ilyas said whoever sprayed painted his Porsche must be jealous.

That's right, a man has the words 'F*** you show off' spray painted on his £70,000 Porsche. Then when he walked to the bonnet saw the message 'take off da rich give to da poor'.

Not only that but four days earlier owner Abdul Ilyas had his convertible BMW M4 stolen from outside his mum's house.

Speaking to The Sun at the time, he said: "I think it is jealousy. I think it is hate. People can't stand others being successful."

Featured Image Credit: @Ms.N.I.Be/Newsflash

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