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Some of us lay in bed at night hoping for some actual excitement.

The idea of releasing our inner National Treasure explorer Nicolas Cage is something we often dream about.

When/if that day comes, you best be ready.

TikToker Jennifer Mallaghan went full Ben Gates by unearthing a 'creepy' 200-year-old discovery in her parents' farmhouse.

The TikTok user found a 'creepy' 200-year-old trap door in their parents' farm house.

The mum-of-four took to the platform to share a clip of the historic property and what led to the startling discovery.

"Come see what we found today after them living here for nearly 60 years," Jennifer writes in the text-overlay while showing a view of the hidden trap door.

As we take a look inside, Jennifer discovers that there are in fact hidden rooms under the floorboards.

She made a 'creepy' 200-year-old discovery.

Does that mean people were living there for years without anyone noticing?

Not quite, as Jennifer assures us that 'no dead bodies' were found.

That's always a relief.

But sadly, there was no treasure either.

Commenting underneath the clip, one viewer asked Jennifer if she would 'refurbish' the rooms?

"No unfortunately not huni. We just wanted to see what was down there disappointing no old treasure," replied the TikToker.

"It’s a super cool video was very exciting seeing what was under our home," she added.

Jennifer assures us that 'no dead bodies' were found.

Well, earlier this month, a group of sisters were shocked to discover a secret hideaway in the walls of their new home.

Taking to Reddit, the siblings found out that the door-like portion of wall in their closet was not a normal cabinet.

One of the sisters claimed that she knocked it down to find a random mattress, along with various intimate belongings.

She wrote: “It clearly sat empty for awhile before we moved in, but according to [my sisters, who found the room] all of the stuff in this room looks extremely old, like [1970s to 1980s] old.

"So hopefully whatever cursed activities occurred in the secret room happened decades ago!”

The family found a few cans of non-alcoholic beer, a tampon, pads, a toothbrush, play money and a notepad with only one page written on.

They also discovered some decades-old porn and a 'vintage style' jar of petroleum jelly.

Strange combo.

Based on what they found, the sisters concluded that the hidden items were probably 'some teenager’s hidey-hole for their illicit goods and acts'.

Commenting on the viral post, one user joked: "Airbnb that for $300 a week."

Another quipped: "Nah this be Harry Potter's old room."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @jennifermallaghan30

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