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ITV Reporter Baffled While Interviewing 100-Year-Old Army Vet Who He Thought Was 65

ITV Reporter Baffled While Interviewing 100-Year-Old Army Vet Who He Thought Was 65

ITV's Rob Osborn couldn't believe his ears...

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

You know the ageing process is beginning to prey on your mind when getting asked for ID stops being a pain in the backside and begins to feel more like a compliment. So 100-year-old Owen Filer must be buzzing to have been mistaken for a 65-year-old.

The incident occurred when ITV reporter Rob Osborne stopped Owen in Newport, South Wales, while speaking with members of the public about the high street.

In the video clip, Owen says to Rob: "Oh, I've been here all my life, I'm 100 years old."

At this point, Rob can be heard having a little chuckle, seemingly suspecting Owen to be joking.

But then the 100-year-old cuts him off, saying: "Yes I am. I'm 100 years old. I can remember the trams looking down there - look."

Rob couldn't believe Owen.

A stunned Rob interjects, asking: "Are you actually 100 years old?"

Owen responds: "Yes," then carries on: "You had to cross the road to get on the tram..." He really wants to tell his story about the high street.

Rob, who is still not having any of it, asks Owen his date of birth - now he's starting to sound like a bouncer who doesn't believe your ID is real so tries to catch you out on basic details.

Owen answers his question in a very straightforward manner, simply saying: "19/10/19 and I tell no lies."

Rob asks (once again): "You're 100 years old? Do you believe this man's 100 years old?"

Almost losing his patience, Owen says: "I know you don't, I know, you never will - you never will. Ask my doctor, it's on my prescription - 19/10/19, that's when I was born." He then jokes: "Ask my mother, she was there at the time."

Rob tweeted after.

We might not have access to Owen's prescriptions, we haven't spoken to his GP and we certainly haven't tried to contact his mum. But what we have seen is an article on the South Wales Argus which was published when he reached the milestone birthday.

Owen went on to explain how he finished school at the age of 14 and started work, where he took on the role of feeding chickens and pigs for half a crown a week - roughly one-eighth of a pound.

Speaking to the publication, Owen was asked about his secret to living a long life, and replied: "I really don't know. Everything in moderation. I got drunk in the Army once and I never wanted to do it again. I still feel like a young man, I'm a young old man."

What a LAD.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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