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Couple Left Mortified After Sending Mirror Selfie To Parents Showing Bottle Of Lube

Couple Left Mortified After Sending Mirror Selfie To Parents Showing Bottle Of Lube

Kelsey Poole's dad noticed the Durex in the bottom of the picture, so she tried to pass it off as her fella's knee cream

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

There are a number of things you could really do without your parents ever seeing, hearing or knowing about. The main one is pretty much anything to do with sex: talking about sex, hearing you have sex, walking in on you having sex.

Then there's also the horror of your folks seeing a picture of anything to do with sex - and we're not talking about accidentally sending them a dirty selfie.

More like forgetting there's a bottle of lube in the bottom of a holiday picture... there's just no getting out of that one but that didn't stop Kelsey Poole from giving it a go at the very least.

Kelsey sent the picture to her parents to update them on her holiday in Turkey.

The 22-year-old from Suffolk had gone away to Antalya, Turkey, with her boyfriend, Elliot, 23.

She was updating her mum on how their holiday was going so far without realising that there was a bottle of Durex lubricant in the bottom of the frame.

Safe to say her mum could sleep easily, confident in the knowledge that they were having a good time...

But Kelsey's 'oblivious' mum showed her dad the picture and it was him that noticed the bottle. Ut ohh.

Kelsey's mum text her saying 'nice durex bottle' awks.

When her mum replied saying: "Dad said the pics r lovely, nice durex bottle," Kelsey tried to get herself out of the situation by saying it was her boyfriend's 'knee cream' - 10/10 for effort.

Speaking to LADbible, Kelsey said: "I was genuinely just updating my mum on my holiday so sent her a few different photos without realising the bottle of lube.

"It was just my mum I sent it to, but obviously she was showing my dad the photos and he noticed the bottle - my mum was oblivious.

Kelsey's boyfriend was 'absolutely mortified'.

"I thought it was hilarious and just made a joke of it - I said knee cream because my boyfriend genuinely has a dodgy knee.

"My boyfriend was absolutely mortified and he couldn't believe I didn't notice it in the pictures Although he does laugh about it now."

The pair returned home from their getaway on Sunday morning but how was it facing the parents?

Kelsey told us: "It was actually fine when we got home. My parents can luckily see the funny side of things. Although I was really laughing reading out some of the twitter replies and my dad said he doesn't want to hear.

"My mum brought it up actually and kept laughing at my dads reaction apparently he zoomed in and said 'oh lovely I didn't really need to see that'."

I think we could all learn a thing or two from this - first thing's first, don't send holiday pictures to your parents... or at least put your lube in the drawer anyway.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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