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Americans Have Just Discovered Chip Butties And Brits Are Baffled

Americans Have Just Discovered Chip Butties And Brits Are Baffled

The thought that some people have never experienced a chip butty is heartbreaking

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There are a few things that people in the UK hold dear to them: cheap pasties, cheap pints, Yorkshire puddings, and a good ol' chip butty. That last item is perfect for when you're sober, drunk or absolutely hanging from the night before as it turns your regular chips into a decent sandwich.

So you can imagine our utter bewilderment at the idea that Americans are only just catching wind of this brilliant food choice.

Insider Food, which is based in New York City, posts an arrangement of incredible, delicious, amazing, outrageous food items from around the world.

Honestly, their stuff feed is full of mouth-watering delights - however this week it showcased a joint called Pasto Burger from Istanbul, Turkey, preparing a classic chip butty, which they've labelled as a 'Turkish sandwich stuffed with fries'.

While some of the comments on the tweet were arguing over whether it's a bap, cob, muffin, roll or butty (some debates will never reach an amicable conclusion), there were plenty more people expressing their bafflement over this being considered a new concept.

One person wrote: "No shit Sherlock! Since the dawn of time, we in the UK have called that a chip butty. Not sure why you felt the need for the Scream emoji.

"Can just imagine your excitement if you ever encounter garlic bread... This bread has garlic inside it. Wow!"

Another added: "This is almost as embarrassing as when Americans discovered the sausage roll last year, like it was some sort of world changing ground-breaking discovery. Meanwhile in Britain we've been having this food for years and years and years."

Next thing they'll tell us is that they've never heard of a crisp sandwich!

For any Americans reading this article, all previous mentions of 'chips' in this article refer to fries. 'Crisps', meanwhile, are what you might call 'chips'. Confused? Hey, they don't call us two countries divided by the same language for nothing.

Anyway, a crisp sandwich is precisely what it sounds like: everyone's favourite snack, chucked in between some slices of bread instead of chips. While it might sound weird, it's a brilliant combination of the hard, brittle crisps on soft bread.

That sausage roll discovery came in 2015 when the New York Times posted a recipe for the tasty treat. It disturbingly suggested that sausage rolls were a 'Christmas treat', when we all know full well you can enjoy them 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Brits and Australians alike were baffled that Americans were only just waking up to the beauty that is a sausage roll. They've also been a bit behind on fairy bread and more recently Mr Blobby.

Getting back to the point, if you haven't had a chip butty before, you haven't lived.

Featured Image Credit: Annie Mole/Creative Commons

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