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Guy Befriends Random Aussie Bloke With Same Name And Takes Him On Night Out In Edinburgh

Guy Befriends Random Aussie Bloke With Same Name And Takes Him On Night Out In Edinburgh

Along with sharing the same name, the two Ryans proved they had another thing in common: they were both game for a good laugh

While most of us see random friend requests and simply write them off as weirdos that we've no interest in connecting with, one construction worker from Scotland proved that being a bit more open-minded with social media can lead to bloody good stuff.

Ryan Grenfell, 21, accepted a Facebook friend request from an Australian guy with the same name - and, fast forward one year, they've now met up for a night out in Edinburgh.

After messaging back and forth for months and months, the two realised they shared more in common than just their full names. Turns out the pair were not only born a month apart (one in August, the other in September) of the same year, but, more importantly, they were both game for a good laugh.

"It was a year ago he added me out the blue," Ryan said, speaking to LADbible.

"I thought it was just a laugh to start with, but we have actually became good mates out of this simple add.

"We talk all the time just about usual life stuff, and we sometimes FaceTime each other when were drunk with our own mates. It's kinda like a party trick, 'There's a guy from Aus with the same name as me', kind of thing.

"He told me a few months ago he was planning on coming to Europe for a few weeks to travel a bit. He then said he would come to Scotland for a few days so we could meet up for a drink and a laugh, as it was overdue.

"He mailed me saying he's landed in Edinburgh, so I got the train to go see him and had a good drink and a laugh with him and his mate, it was great to actually meet him.

"It was so funny as I thought it would never happen."

Scottish Ryan made sure Aussie Ryan got to sample some of the finest local delicacies, and treated him to a pint of Tennent's - the popular Scottish lager.

The lager brand was so chuffed, it's even giving others a chance to connect with their namesakes, urging them to become friends on Facebook before tagging them in a comment on Tennent's Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning 1 of 20 cases of beer to share.

Ryan Grenfell / Twitter

"I introduced him to Buckfast, which he now loves, and he said he's packed his case full before he returns home.

"I also let him try Irn Bru, which he really liked.

"To be honest, I have made a great mate out of this - and probably a mate for life with the same name as me."

What's next for their blossoming bromance? Well, Scottish Ryan hopes to take Aussie Ryan up on his offer to see how the other half lives down under.

"He has asked me to go down to Aus for New Year and stay at his. I'm up for it, but I will have to save a bit as I have other holidays booked for this year."

Sounds to us like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Featured Image Credit: Ryan Grenfell / Twitter

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