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Guy Creates Presentation For Tinder Profile And People Are Seriously Impressed

Guy Creates Presentation For Tinder Profile And People Are Seriously Impressed

His creative offering has gone viral

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

If you're not having much luck on Tinder, you might want to consider changing your profile up a bit, put in some new photos, update that bio, get rid of that picture of you next to the doped up tiger in Thailand, you know the usual stuff.

Or, you might want to take a leaf out of this guy's book and create yourself a mini-presentation on why people should be swiping right.

Images of Sam Dixey's profile, complete with four-slide-presentation on why he'd make a good partner, went viral after being shared by Gracie Barrow on Twitter, with many people commenting to say that he'd 'won Tinder'. Fair play to him, this is pretty genius.

Sam told LADbible: "The reaction has been pretty incredible really, there's definitely been a clear correlation between number of matches before and after uploading the presentation.

"The funny thing is, I've had it for almost a year and it's been working pretty well but it's only very recently, as of Sunday, that it's gone viral which is surreal."

So catch on fellas, if you want more matches you need to get serious about this.

Amongst the slides, Sam tells potential dates his notable skills and qualities - 'not the worst at sex' and 'owns a Netflix account' - and even has a Trip Advisor-style review part at the end. What more can you ask for, really?


And it seems to have worked, because Gracie, who initially helped the profile to go viral told LADbible it was 'definitely' the best profile she's come across on the dating app.

She said: "Straight away it made me laugh and it was something I'd not seen on tinder before so it really stood out."


And, once she'd stopped laughing, Gracie knew what to do. "I swiped right," she said. "And we matched and have spoken about how viral the tweet has gone.

"I'd say I would go on a date with Sam based on his tinder profile, because it shows he's got a really good sense of humour and I like that, plus he seems like a lovely lad."


And it's not just Gracie who's keen, Sam told us: "It's still quite early since going viral but there's been a number of offers." Alright for some.

He added: "I think me and Gracie were discussing something to celebrate how big it's got."


So, there you go, add a bit of humour to your profile and get swiping.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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