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Daughter Asks For £100 Instead Of £1 After Discovering The Truth About The Tooth Fairy

Daughter Asks For £100 Instead Of £1 After Discovering The Truth About The Tooth Fairy

She's definitely going places

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A nine-year-old girl has outwitted her parents by demanding £100 after realising they'd been lying to her her about the tooth fairy.

Sam Freedman's daughter lost another tooth, so sticking with tradition, he tried to put the going rate of £1 under her pillow.

But when he went to make the transaction, he realised there was a letter under there too. It turned out that she's much more intelligent than anyone gave her credit for and she'd clocked that the tooth fairy was in fact a made up concept.

This girl is a living legend.

In the hilariously sassy letter, she started it with 'dear tooth fairy', before crossing it out and writing 'dear mum and dad (Yes, we know it's you. STOP LYING).'

She carries on: "Just a little tip: leave 100 pounds instead of £1 (It's a great idea) Anyway have a nice night."

Casual and very persuasive - good work, girl.

She signs it off: "Your-most-great-detective-at-finding-out-who-liars-are." She then writes her name and - as any child with siblings knows, the next bit is mandatory - calls herself their 'favourite child'.

Then, obviously feeling a bit confused about the fact that her parents have been taking her teeth, she adds: "What do you do with all our teeth? TELL ME."

Come to think of it, that is quite a sinister thought but thankfully Sam confirmed he just throws them away and doesn't have a stash of children's teeth anywhere.

He added in a later tweet: "'What do you do with all our teeth?! TELL ME!" has absolutely finished me."

The letter was shared on Twitter with the caption: "Think my eldest daughter may have figured out the whole tooth fairy thing..."

The post racked up thousands of likes on Twitter, with parents from around the world sharing their own stories.


One user wrote: "She's very clever with her suggestion to leave £100 as it feels somehow threatening but not in a way that would appear so in court."

While another applauded her writing skills: "How old is she? Genuinely curious given the great writing skills here! Seriously. Kudos."

A third was just impressed with how funny she is: "Comic gold. She just wants the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth."

You've got to give it to her, with wit and humour like this, the girl's definitely going places.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Samfr

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