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Husband Responds To Wife's Valentine's Gift Of Women's Pictures He's Liked On Instagram

Husband Responds To Wife's Valentine's Gift Of Women's Pictures He's Liked On Instagram

Who said romance was dead?

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A woman in the US surprised her husband on Valentine's Day with a collection of photographs of women he'd liked on Instagram. Watch his response here:

In a video posted on TikTok, 27-year-old insurance agent Gloria Tovar, from Los Angeles, can be seen presenting her husband with a little platform adorned with pictures of women.

Eyebrows raised, the husband asks: "What the hell is this?"

To which Gloria replies: "All the pictures you been liking on Instagram."

"Ahhh very nice," the husband then responds, while slipping his phone in his pocket (I think we could have a decent guess what he was doing on there).

The happy couple.
Gloria Tovar

A previous video in which Gloria builds the unusual gift has been viewed 21 million times.

In it, Gloria says: "Since everybody's sharing what they got their significant other for Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share mine.

"So I got my husband this cute little box, filled it with pictures all of girls photos he's been liking on Instagram.

"Hope he likes it."

Commenting on the video, one person said: "I mean he did like the pictures... I'm pretty sure he'll love the gift."

Another said: "It's okay to look at the desserts menu... Doesn't mean he is going to order anything."

A third added: "At first I thought she was just wrapping styrofoam as his gift but then we took a sharp left turn."

If revelling in other people's relationship drama is your kind of thing, then you may want to check out the #dumpedinthedms hashtag.

LA-based model Paige Woolen took to her Instagram to ask her 250,000 followers to share their worst experiences of being dumped on social media - and there were some absolute corkers.

One woman said she had arranged to meet up with a man for dinner, but he ghosted her and then sent her an insulting message.

The woman explained: "I had to DM him since I didn't have his cell number and I could see that he'd seen it and didn't respond.

"Five hours later, he DMs me saying that when he showed up to the restaurant, he could see me before I saw him and he left because I didn't look like my Instagram photos."

Another discovered her fella had been playing away when he forgot to close down his laptop.

She said: "One day I came home from work and my then-fiancé was at my house using my computer and claimed to be applying for new jobs.

"He left his account logged in and his side chick DM'd when I opened the computer.

"I found out all of the dirt that was going on behind my back. Immediately kicked his a** out and never spoke to him again."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@gr93la

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