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Woman Shares Selfie On Instagram - Doesn't Notice Boyfriend Wiping Bum In Mirror

Woman Shares Selfie On Instagram - Doesn't Notice Boyfriend Wiping Bum In Mirror

Tale as old as time

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Don't you just hate it: you've put a great outfit together, you capture the perfect selfie, it starts getting a lot of attention on Instagram - but what's that in the mirror? That's right, it's your boyfriend wiping his a**e.

Shannon Butt, from Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, was snapping some selfies in her boyfriend Henry's bathroom, not really paying attention as he joined her. She didn't really pay attention when subsequently uploading one of the pictures on Instagram either - only realising the error of her ways more than half an hour later.

The 22-year-old deleted the post immediately, but after sending the offending picture to her mates, she was convinced to share the story on Twitter.

The tweet has since been liked more than 84,000 times, so perhaps there's something in background bum-wiping after all; really brings in the likes it does.

Explaining how exactly this viral selfie came to be, Shannon told LADbible: "So I was taking selfies in my boyfriend's bathroom and he comes in and I told him that I'm taking pictures. He literally didn't care at all and carried on and went to the toilet, so I just continued taking pictures not really paying attention.

"I left them on my phone for a few days and then looked back and thought 'I'll upload that it's actually quite nice'. I obviously didn't realise he was in the mirror and left it up on Instagram for about 40 minutes.

Shannon and Henry in a more choreographed photo.
Shannon Rose

"I got in my car and just thought I'll check the likes and glanced at the mirror and noticed the reflection - I was with my sister at the time and we both just started crying with laughter and I deleted it not thinking anything of it.

"I then sent it in the group chat and my friends were like 'you have to tweet that it's hilarious'. Both Henry, my boyfriend, and I found it absolutely hilarious and I asked him if he'd be happy for me to put it up and he said yeah it's funny go for it, neither of us expecting it to blow up this much! I'm so surprised by the reaction but I think it's hilarious."

While the vast majority of people on social media agreed it was hilarious, there were some who doubted the picture's authenticity. Shannon insisted though that picture is legit, which raises the question - was she taking selfies right next to her boyfriend while he was taking a s**t?

Taking selfies and s**ts side by side. True love.
Shannon Rose

'Technically yes', was the answer Shannon gave LADbible, adding that the pair had only been together four months.

I for one predict big things for the couple.

Featured Image Credit: Shannon Rose

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