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​Man Goes Viral After Teaching Computing Without Computers In Ghana

​Man Goes Viral After Teaching Computing Without Computers In Ghana

The man wasn't letting the lack of computers stop him, and pulled out his multi-coloured chalk to hand-draw the complicated diagram

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

There's some impressive stuff out there in the world, but these days people tend to go viral for the more daft stuff - like slicing up steaks in a seductive way, getting interrupted on a live TV interview by your young kids or trying to catch a bat in the kitchen.

And the daft, light-hearted stuff is great, but none of it can out-do the impressiveness of one man in Ghana, who managed to teach computing without computers.

The man was photographed using his blackboard to meticulously draw out a complicated diagram of the Microsoft Word programme, the BBC reports.

The photos were posted to Facebook, with a caption of 'Teaching of ICT in Ghana's school is very funny'.

His post also said: "I love my students so have to do what will make them understand what [I] am teaching."

Quartz Africa has identified the man as 33-year-old Richard Appiah Akoto, who is the information and communcation teacher at at Betenase M/A Junior High School in Sekyedomase - a town that's about two and half hours drive north of Ghana's second city, Kumasi.

Quartz reports that even though the school has no computers, the 14- and 15-year-old students are still expected to sit a national ICT exam before they're able to progress to high school.

But Akoto clearly wasn't letting the lack of computers stop them, and pulled out his multi-coloured chalk to hand-draw the complicated diagram - which, of course, springs one classic movie scene to mind:

"This is not my first time [of drawing] it. I have been doing it anytime I am in the classroom," MrAkoto told Quartz.

"I like posting pictures on Facebook so I just felt like [sharing it]. I didn't know it would get the attention of people like that," he said.

"Definitely those in Accra [Ghana's capital] will pass the exam because you cannot compare someone who is in front of a computer, who knows what he is doing with the mouse to someone who has not had a feel of a computer mouse before."

He goes by the nickname of 'Owura Kwadwo Hottish' on Facebook, which was where the photos went viral. They gained particular prominence when a popular Ghanaian comedian, who is also a teacher, shared it with his 140,000 Facebook fans, meaning it wasn't long for the world to start sharing in a sort of global digital applause.

On Sunday, entrepreneur Rebecca Enonchong then tweeted Microsoft Africa to highlight Akoto's story, suggesting: "Surely you can get him some proper resources."

The software company responded by pledging to send Akoto a computer and give him access to its education material.

Pretty inspirational stuff, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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