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Model Shares Man's Bizarre Reaction To Being Turned Down For A Date

Model Shares Man's Bizarre Reaction To Being Turned Down For A Date

The man has been branded 'fragile' after being unable to handle rejection

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman has shared the awkward encounter she had with a bloke in the gym who told her he was 'too rich' to date her after she rejected him. You can see the clip here:

Social media influencer Avrey Ovard shared a clip on TikTok, which gives a masterclass in how not to handle rejection.

In the video, 19-year-old Avrey can be seen doing some leg stretches on a mat when she's approached by a man she said was 'in his 40s'.

The man walked over and asked Avrey if she was recording a video, to which she said she was.

Avrey explained that the man then visited the gym's physical therapy area that's inside the gym, but he returned five minutes and attempted to strike up a conversation.


After motioning for Avery to remove her headphones, he asked the teen: "What's your name?"

To which she politely responded, before attempting to signal the conversation was over by looking back at her phone.

But the man is undeterred and started to tell her about an injury he sustained in leg, which he needs to get physical therapy for.

He then added: "But um... when I'm able to get out [of physical therapy] you might not be here. I wanted to get your number for... dinner."

Avrey replied: "Oh I'm sorry... I'm too young for you."

To which the rejected bloke shot back: "Oh yeah? Well, I'm too rich."

Oh man, what were you thinking?


The video then cuts to Avrey's 'shocked' face as she tried to get her head around the weird situation

Sharing the clip, Avrey wrote: "Leave women alone."

As you can imagine, the bloke's cringeworthy response has not gone down well online with fellow social media users branding him 'weak' and 'fragile'.

One person wrote: "Has to be abusive the second they get rejection. Dodged a bullet."

Someone else asked: "Why can men not handle rejection?"

While a third person commented: "The way he gets immediately defensive when you were perfectly reasonable lol... OK fully-grown man child."

Others praised Avrey for telling the man she was 'too young', with one person posting: "'I'm too young for you', I'm so proud of you for saying that."

Another wrote: "We gotta start saying, 'I'm too young' more often, maybe it will shame them."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@avreyovard

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