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People Baffled By Optical Illusion Dress Which Makes Woman's Waist 'Disappear'

People Baffled By Optical Illusion Dress Which Makes Woman's Waist 'Disappear'

The dress creates a bizarre optical illusion.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Once again, a dress is causing a bit of a stir due to the fact it creates a bizarre optical illusion - check it out here:

Yep, this time it's not the colour of the dress that is leaving people baffled, but the fact that it appears to make the woman's waist almost entirely disappear.

The £30 ($39.99) Mind Of My Own Maxi Dress from clothing retailer Fashion Nova, which has since sold out, was modelled by @jemianxo on TikTok who branded it a 'crazy waist illusion'.

The dress ties at the front and as the woman pulls in the ties to make a knot, her waist seems to shrink down with the dress.

Jem also explained that you can create a less extreme look by tying it 'round the back first and then bringing it to the front, which she says is 'more subtle' than simply tying it at the front.


The clip has been viewed more than three million times, picked up hundreds of thousands of likes and attracted plenty of comments.

Replying to her video, one person wrote: "I literally scrolled passed this dress on the site and now I regret not purchasing it," to which Jem replied: "Omgggg me too and I kept seeing it on my explore page on ig and I was like ok fine I'll get u!!!"

Someone else added: "No you don't understand I NEED this," while a third dubbed it: "Genius engineering."

Another person completely cracked it by writing: "Mm. It's actually an optical illusion. It's the pattern on the dress."


Someone wasn't as happy with their purchase, commenting: "I just bought this... ummm do not get this unless your stomach is already slim and you have a slim waist. It does not work."

Another optical illusion that took TikTok by storm came from a man who posted a video of a strange trick involving two arch shapes.

The man, called Kevin, had a light green arch at the top which appeared to be smaller than the darker green arch below it, but when Kevin placed a white arch over both, it turns out that they were in fact the same shape.

Many people commented on the video - which has more than 1.1 million views - simply asking 'How?' and 'Wtf?'. Someone else said: "Whaaaaat?"

While some people speculated that the trick was fake ("Who also saw the cord the little one next to his arm that was tied to the paper part?"), others took a moment to try and work out what was happening a little more logically, with one suggesting: "They're just the same length, right?"

Another added: "I know how to do it, [it] is logical that both are the same size."

If you look again, you'll notice that the dark green arch is sitting slightly to the right, which is why it appears to jut out from under the other - giving the impression that it is longer...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jemianxo

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