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People Furious After Group Photographed Having Barbecue On Tombstone In Church Cemetery

People Furious After Group Photographed Having Barbecue On Tombstone In Church Cemetery

The group of three adults and seven children were seen by an angry passerby barbecuing in the sunny cemetery last weekend

Nathan Standley

Nathan Standley

Our incredible summer weather has been inescapable so far this year, putting just about everyone in an unusually happy mood.

The tropical season we are currently enjoying has brought out the ice creams, the swimsuits and - of course - the barbecues.

And while everyone loves a cheeky, spontaneous barbecue, there are some classic barbecue rules all people should adhere to.

One of them is not to do your cooking on a tombstone in a church cemetery.


Well it seems like one group in West Yorkshire are not too well-read on the big rule book of barbecues, which includes other classic pointers such as 'turn sausages regularly' and 'don't be a backseat barbecuer'.

A passerby came across the group of three adults and seven youngsters standing around in the sunny cemetery last weekend, surrounded by graves, with barbecue smoke rising up to the clear summer skies from the raised tombstone.

The man took pictures of the group and later took to social media to say how appalled he was by the group's actions.

He said he and his wife had been at a food and drink festival together and had decided to stroll home through the church grounds.

On Facebook, he wrote: "Imagine the surprise to find three adults with about seven children enjoying a barbeque.

"The cooking was being done on the raised tomb stone."

He said his wife went over to challenge the group on their disrespectful behaviour, barbecuing in what the man called 'sacred ground', but got shot down by a pretty sarcastic response from the 'chef'.

The Facebook post continued: "My wife remonstrated with the men.

"The 'Chef' patronisingly said, 'Thank you for you input, I've taken note'."


As he took photos of the scene, one of the group came over to the man and demanded that he delete his pictures. But instead he posted the images and the story onto social media, attracting a lot of attention from angry commenters.

One woman said: "I was actually reading to the end for the punchline...seriously?! This is disgraceful."

Another added: "Utterly disgusting. What on earth goes through these people's minds!"

And a third said: "That's one of the most shocking, disrespectful and dis-honouring thing I have seen in a long time (sic)!! Utter disgrace!!"

The man said he had sent the church a 'comprehensive' account of what had happened.

"It is up to them what to do about it," he added.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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